How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I have seen them before... doing things... normal things... THE HORROR!

You...I remember you...not very well, but I do have some faint echoes of your presence in my head.

I know that he doesn;t remember me...<.<

I do remember you!
Just not very vividly!
You've always had that fuzzy avatar, though. As far as I can remember, anyway.
I've just never really had a talk with you.
Renting abandoned basements has gotten tricky these past few years.

I know he's been missed on the forums.

I know that is quite true...<.<

I know that he was too lazy to make himself a new avy last month.

I know that I was busy with my school work and dying grandparents...<.<

also, she should totally make a new avatar... :p

I know that I won't bother.

I know that she could just find one instead...<.<

I know that I don't care enough to.

I know that all she has to do is go through her collection of pink haired anime girls... o3o

I know that I just don't want to :/

I know that I'll find her one to use than... and I'll make sure the breasts are quite large, just for you... ;P

I know that you're like super odd.

I know that she likes my oddness... :p

I know that I never said that.

I know that she was implying it... :p

I knwo that you're just the worst.

I know ... I mean why else do you talk to me? ;P

I know that you're not supposed to like my insults. I think I give up :/

I know that she gives up too easily... and besides when don;t I like something that comes out of your mouth? ;P

I know that I consider that a good thing.

I know that she's glad for it... :p

I know that it sounds like he's hoping for it...<.<

I know I'm looking forward to it =P

I know...<_<

I know they know I know I'm looking forward to it. =P

We need to go deeper!

I know we really should close this loop.

I know that he seems to change his title at least once a week :P

I know she doesn't

I know you're becoming more powerful by the second.

I know that they're no longer on fire. Still.

I know you are awaiting the return of the flames.

Is not a dragon.

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