How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that his is just the worst.

I know she's right, if it were good I wouldn't always be awake at 2 AM!
California sucks.

I know he wants me to try a REAL taco

I know real taco's are rare.

I know she only likes the real thing...<.<

I know that I'm running out of things to say

I know he should think of some more.

I know that's because he lacks imagination.

I know he's a brony >.<

I know that he might be too...<.<

I know he's the broniest person ever but won't admit it. >.>

I know that they take forever to do anything :/

I know it's because I keep falling asleep. >.>

I know that you always are :/

I know that's because I don't have her level of coffee intake.

I know that they're from some state I can't spell.

I know I remember their name, like their new avatar(probably changed a few times since I last frequented this site) , and hope they have some recollection of me....

I know he seems to know shock.

I know they don't seem to remember me, and I miss the purple gorillaz avatar they had once upon a time....

I know I remember him being around granted my memory is pretty bad most days.

I know it means a lot that they have vague recollections of me.... :)

I know that I recall him posting here awhile ago :P

I know she's super good at recalling things. >.>

I know she doesn't really remember who Night Angel is =P

I know I feel awkward, because I don't know if I should remember them.... :P

I know we haven't talked/been introduced to each other

I know he's looking to spread his taco influence.

I know that their warning about the taco's influence is appreciated...

I know that I am like 99% sure I remember him using another avy when he was last here >.>

I know that I think they had the same avatar and therefore disagree with Shock.

I know I agree with her =P

I know that's what I was going to say, I however do not recall anything Night Angel said, I recall him being around but not what he said, which is swell because I won't seem creepy this time :D


I know I only remember the big Boss one. <.>

Oh hey it's Para. :O

I know... oh hey it's xmbts :O

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