How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that I was in lots of fights in highschool...

I know I try not to remember my highschool life... unsuccessfully...

I know that we're similar in that way.

I know he doesn't understand other Mexicans sometimes.

I know that I have no idea what their nationality is...<.<

I know nationalities are boring, unless we decide to form a new country with our own nationality, but what would we call it?

I know he wants to be the leader of his own country and nationality

psst, lets call it TizzytheTormentia!

I know he has ego problems.

I know that I don't know anything about them really, unless you consider what's on their profile :P

I know that she's being logical this morning, which means she didn't drink that much last night.

I know that he likes to assume things.

I know that sue doesn't like people who assume...<.<

I don't know who Sue is.

I know Sac just mistyped or something.

I know that it might be Friday for him...maybe.

I know that its today for both of us.

I know that they seem to be enjoying Guild Wars 2 :P



I know that might just be true...<.<

I know that was probably a reference to Scde's homosexuality.

I know that we should play some more DS3 soon >.>

I know that her Husbandu is in that game...<.<

I know that he likes to add letters to words.

I know that she doesn't get the reference...<.<

I know that he probably slept in super late like usual.

I know that I have class all day today, so I had to get up at 10... also I'm in class right now...<.<

I know that 10 is pretty late.

I know that you should pay attention.
I know that ninjas suck.

I know that it's lab and I'm multitasking... o3o

I know you always have excuses :P

I know that none of my excuses are good enough for you, seeing as how I'm still the worst... :p

I know that you are the worst.

I know that she's just saying that...

I swear I've heard him have this exact convo before XD

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