How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that he probably has.

I know that's just how our conversations go...

I know he should expand his subject matter

I know that my plan to kidnap him has been postponed too often.


I know that he should plan for next sunday, I'm not gonna be up to anything...<.<

I know he's probably planning an ambush

I know that he'll be caught in the cross fire.

I know I've seen what happens to people when they get caught on crossfires...

I know that it aint pretty.

I know that he's switched over to what he was using before his other avys. I think.
I know that you are just the worst.

I know that I thought I was the worst... D:

I know he's like busy and stuff.

I know reading three books in one day makes my eyes hurt.

I know he always has really high quality gifs as avatars.

That's a punch and a half!

I know that he has no idea how hard it is to get them that way...

Uhh...I know he lives in Singapore and his name is Andrew. Which is slightly odd because my friend is visiting Singapore...who's name is Andrew

I know I'm not getting visited by anyone... I think.

I know he likes Blackrock Shooter? =D

I know I always watch his avatar with eager anticipation.

I know your username is in blue which makes me envious.

I know I've been watching your damn gif for a minute now!

I know I've been avoiding your damn gif for a minute now.

I know that he's like lame and stuff.

I know that she's shock and value...

I know that he's lucky that there's not snow up to your upper leg there :/
Snow storm like every other day it seems >.>

I know she loves coffee, and that I hope she is also part of the tea master race. >_>

I know very little.

I know he isn't as troublesome as he seems.

I know I haven't spoken directly to him in like 2 years.

I know that they both joined in the same year.

I know her join date makes her feel superior.

I know that I wonder if he'll go back to his old avy theme ever.

I know that she's wrong for wondering that. His current one is fine. Silly Shock, why you silly?

I know that I wasn't suggesting he change it >.> I know that you're the silly one so pfft!


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