How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that he changes his title a fair bit.

I know that she never changes hers... also that she likes to hurt my feelings a lot...<.<

I know that his feelings hurt and stuff.

I know she's really unfeeling =P

Troublesome Lagomorph:
I know that I think they had the same avatar and therefore disagree with Shock.

You are quite right, this was my one for at least a month before my disappearance...

I know they may remember me having a KFC looking solid snake avatar instead.

I know he needs a welcome back party =3

I know he should put one together then.

I know that they are rolling or something.

I know that they are being deliberately vague about what they do and don't know about the rolling-ness of xmbts

I know he's interrogating Shock.

I know that they ninja'd me like a jerk.

I know she calls people jerks a lot.

I don't!
I know that he was born in 1990 according to his profile and that he thinks we couldn't pronounce his name.

I know that shock was born in 1812 and has the craziest name.

I know that she's like three and a half years younger than me, silly youngsters.
@Shock: Shush people may start to notice I'm making stuff up!
Also my name isn't actually too hard to pronounce I just put that there after an Amercan person failed to pronounce it even though I kept telling him how to, but I'm fairly sure that person was just really stupid, he was a silly tourist after all.

I know that I could probably pronounce their name.
If its in Spanish, then yeah. I speak Spanish, although I'm so out of practice that I can pretty much only understand it and do grammatical exercises in it.
I find expressing myself in English, my native language, really hard as it is...

I know we seem to have a problem in common.
It's of Jewish origin, but it's a somewhat obscure Spanish spelling of it and people tend to insist on calling me those other spellings despite the different pronunciation, though some people confuse it with a French woman's name -_-' Spelling is similar so I can't blame them.

I know they're having a conversation with the user above them

I know that conversations are nice... not that I've had one in a while...<.<

I know that he has super long classes.

I know she's glad for that...

I know that I'm actually pretty indifferent.

I know she may or may not be secretly attracted to Sacman >.> <.<

I know that she's indifferent at best...<.<

I know thats cool...

I know he's like never around.

I know I can say the same about you!

I know that she's not one to talk, considering she disappeared for a good 6 months...<.<

I know that it so wasn't six months. I think :P

I know that it was probably more than 6 months... because what's December to July?

I know that I'll just take your word for it.

I know she has a bad sense of time progression.

I know that shock just doesn;t care enough to remember...<.<

I know that I just have a terrible memory.

I know that she likes excuses...<.<

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