How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that doesn't count anymore!

I know it does, and I know it's her turn!

I don't know.

I do know.

I know...blargh?

I know people are using those things I say. >.>

I know that we frequently go off topic on this thread.

Still hardly know you.
I'd like to say I'm gonna fix that, but unfortunately, I don't have a lot of free time anymore.

I know that I don't really know him, but I do like his avatar. =D

I know she's just returned from a posting break.

I know they're never on break.

I know that her breaks are too long...<.<

I know they're not long enough.

I know that you continue to bring up old stuff for some reason.

I know she is guilty and deserves to be punished.

I know that he can punish me all he wants.

I know that she may or may not enjoy the punishment...<.<

I know I drove to his home last night, but he wasn't there :(

I know, that I didn;t think he'd do it... especially since he said he wasn't going to... and than he said he was going to, and by the time I saw that I was already home...<.<


I know they slightly remember me :D


Wait, I don't know you at all...


I know they barely said anything, it's about what you know jerk!

I know what her voice sounds like :D

I know they know what shock's voice sounds like... that's not cheating right <_<...

I know the feel like they are cheating in this thread for some reason.

I know he's wrong about Kotor 2

I know that I wish I knew what Shock sounds like...<.<

I know we both need to get her drunk

I know that we totally should... that's what I was stealing the vodka for...<.<

I know I should go pick him up and we should drive to Kitchener, Ontario to hunt down Shock >.>

I know that I always got him confused with Nouw when he first came around for some reason... also, he should join us on our hunt for Shock...<.<

I know I sometimes stare at the avatar for awhile because it's hypnotically distracting...

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