How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that bomber hats aren't that classy without the monocle and the pipe.

I know a way to make him blush?

I know his avatar gave me a headache.

I know he should stop staring at it then!

I know that he doesn't realize that one does not simply ignore the dancing catboy.

I know that they assume that because they can't ignore the dancing catboy, 'one' can't either....

I know he's back and apparently able to ignore Schrodinger.

I know that I love his profile picture. >w<

I know she looks at peoples' profiles.

I know he doesn't.

I know that we should look at each other's profiles

I know that we all do. The poster above moreso than others.

...yeah, I've got nothing. You're brand spanking new to me.

I know that...ERMAHGERD IT'S BOB :D

I know that you're a jerk for getting in the way.

I know they looove calling people jerks :P

I know he once masturbated in car at a Walmart parking lot. Also I know that I have the weirdest memory

I know that he supposedly has a banhammer.

I know that they oddly fear this banhammer.

I know he never faced the banhammer.

I know that he has been posting like a lot recently.

I know they lie about games. <.<

I know that he's still mad about me not installing Left 4 Dead. I told Scde2 the same thing!

I know them.

I know somehthing of him.

I know some things! In a small file in the corner of my desk. It's kinda dusty, though.

I know his favorite movie is not Free Willy

I know that he enjoys willys...<.<

I know he should start getting ready to go Shock hunting with me.

I know the Shock is an elusive creature.

I know he looks like an escapee from a Tim Burton movie.

I know that they need a bit more to their picture. Like a candle.

I know that he preferred Kotor to Kotor 2...

I know he said words about Kotor 1 and 2.

I know that he's a mod!

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