How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know he is quite unlike most people you'd run across.

I know people really seem to enjoy his company.

I know that they can be somewhat demanding...



I know he likes Shocks taste in avatars.

I know that we need to stomp more space zombies together.

I know I still don't why she's called blargh

Damn you! *shakes fist*

I know she ninja'd me while I was reading the other page.

I know that you're SLOW.

I know that you are out and about deleting things and stuff.

I know that what he's selling.

I know about coffee.

I know that they have changed their avatar.

I know that they haven't.

I know avvy changes abound~

I know he could use some dental work.

I know that Noodle is a girl.

I know she likes cute stuff

I know that his title is forever changing.

I know it's because they're lyrics =P

I know that he uses his custom title the same way I would, if I bought myself membership. ^^

I know she's being cheap! =P

I know I only ever see him post around this time.

I know that's because you wake up at this time >.>

I know that I'd rather not be.

I know she's really lazy!

I know that his avatar is so awesome.

I know he's the new kid on the block!


I know I've used up my glomps for the day,

I know they could borrow some of mine.

I know she is a glomp hoarder.

I know that they can't have any anymore.

I know I wonder if hugs are still open for negotiation.

I know that those are still free.

I know this is good news.

*hugs* :D

I know that she seems to be in a good mood today...<.<

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