How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know he thinks I should talk to strangers I met over the internet.


I've been ninja'd by a stranger. :O

Ready the cannons.

I didn't mean to ninja you. But I do know if you like Gorillaz we can probably get along just fine.

Editing because I somehow quoted you by accident.

I know they have my attention. >.>

Seen the avatar around but that's as far as it goes.

@Troublesome_Lagomorph It means age/sex/location. It's something we used to use back in the days when chat rooms and habbo hotel were popular.

Man, that was ages ago.
OT: Used to frequent the Escapist Steam group's chat.

I know that was before it was completely dead...again.

I don't know anyone here,really though I'm certain if you like the gorillaz you have to be pretty chill.

I know that everyone thinks that about Xam.

I know that I really like his tetris avy.

I know he's lazy.

I know that children don't matter.

I know children do sometimes matter.
If only from a political standpoint.

I know that I don't know what you're going on about right now.

I know I'm equally confused.

I know that you're always confused.

I know she likes seeing me confused. :p

I know they enjoy stomping space zombies.

I know that they like confusion.

I know that they didn't really enjoy their time in the US :P

I know she is pretty neutral about Canada.

I know that he's a Forum Games contributor, but nothing else.

I know that he posts in FG a fair bit.

I know that they're a fellow FG resident.

I know that we both have a *ahem* history in Forum Games. It involves responding to each other.

I know that he's not silent at all!

I know he last spoke a word in 2004, it was a Tuesday.

I know he got ninja'd.

I know that I usually get ninja'd by him.

I know that he should get used to being ninja'd around here.

I know he eats professional ninjas for breakfast.

I know that he seems to like using avys or profile pics that make you stare for a bit >.>
I know that I didn't notice the new page. All your fault.

I know she can't handle the new page.

I know that PCs hate them.

I know that it helps for this game when you know absolutely nothing about the person :P

Won't tell me why being a robot is bad.

I know that they should already realize why!

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