How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that she's shock and value...

I know that he's lucky that there's not snow up to your upper leg there :/
Snow storm like every other day it seems >.>

I know she loves coffee, and that I hope she is also part of the tea master race. >_>

I know very little.

I know he isn't as troublesome as he seems.

I know I haven't spoken directly to him in like 2 years.

I know that they both joined in the same year.

I know her join date makes her feel superior.

I know that I wonder if he'll go back to his old avy theme ever.

I know that she's wrong for wondering that. His current one is fine. Silly Shock, why you silly?

I know that I wasn't suggesting he change it >.> I know that you're the silly one so pfft!


I know that he may be merging threads now.


I know him and Shock love their capslock.

I know that he probably still lives in California.
I know that they should too!

I know she doesn't know that this is my old avy and theme.

I know I recall him mentioning that a while back.

I know she's been very consistent with her theme for while if not forever.

I know my avatars have always been one of two characters who are essentially the same person, one's just a bit more psychotic.

I don't know from which video her avatar come from.

I know it's a fan who filled in and refined an unfinished storyboard image.

I know it's from Rhinestone eyes then~

I know he's correct.

I know he still loves Gorillaz.

I know that Xmbts is a she...

I know Sacman is a he...

I know I'm not sure how to abbreviate your username. O_o

I know she could just call him lame.

I know she likes to announce her boredom, perhaps it means that she demands amusement.

Has a very loud hat

He steals weapons!

I know he had to go an hour ago.

I know he never leaves, he just waits,

I know that's pretty accurate.

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