How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know them.

I know somehthing of him.

I know some things! In a small file in the corner of my desk. It's kinda dusty, though.

I know his favorite movie is not Free Willy

I know that he enjoys willys...<.<

I know he should start getting ready to go Shock hunting with me.

I know the Shock is an elusive creature.

I know he looks like an escapee from a Tim Burton movie.

I know that they need a bit more to their picture. Like a candle.

I know that he preferred Kotor to Kotor 2...

I know he said words about Kotor 1 and 2.

I know that he's a mod!

I know he's a taco!

I know they keep pushing things around!

Not at all!

I know he's seen a rather awkward post directed at me. :p

I know I don't know where your avatar is from.

I know she's into astral projection.
Also Xam's avatar is from this.

I know that I'd probably butcher his name by trying to pronounce it

I know his name but I'm not familiar enough with him to use it without feeling condescending. :o

I know people call her Blargh but I don't know why. And I know it's okay if she calls me by my name.

I know that he seems to like blonde/white-haired characters. o:

It's a weakness of mine, which is funny because I tend to dye my hair to darker colors.


I know the intel is actually for his secret admirer.

I know that he thinks Scde has a secret admirer!

I know that I have another secret admirer ;_;
I already had enough from last year

I know he knows that unfortunate nickname that apparently caught on when I wasn't looking. :o

I know that I want answers :o

I know that he reminded me of Corpse Bride.

"QUESTIONS! I want some questions!"
"Answers, I think you mean."
"Yes, thank you."

I know I don't watch a lot of Western animation!

I know that he should watch American Pop... that movie was the shit...<.<

I know that he shaved his pubes because of me.


I know that he is apparently very persuasive!

I know that she's protective of her ponies!

I know that he wants to send my ponies off to battle to die.

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