How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know he spruced up my current avatar *salutes*

I know that he disappears often.

I know that she disappears for stretches at a time...<.<

I know that their badge list shows Duke Nukem surrounding the guys from The Matrix.

Very little... *hides cia dossier*

He has a lot of clown images.

I know that she's gonna get some sleep...<.<

I know he knows a LOT about music.

I know he has a lot of Link avatars.

I so totally don't <_<

Uses game character avatars.

Uses anime artwork avatars!

Uses anime gif avatars!

I know she always has girly avatars.
By which I mean girls or things that look like girls

I know that he should post in the rate the song thread...<.<

I know he lives in the rate a song thread.

I know that he's a fan of Gorillas.

Don't hurt me pwease?...

I know he get's angry when people call him Al.

I know that he posted in like every single thread here.

I know she would like to stomp zombies today.

I know he has an interesting avatar.

I know he is talkative for a silent man.

I know they wander around from time to time for no reason in particular.

I know he thought I didn't enjoy talking to him for whatever reason. :p

I know that they oddly don't find talking to me to be unenjoyable.

I know I'm surprised we don't talk more considering we talk to a lot of the same people. :o

I know I realized that I don't really have a method of chatting with them consistently, despite this knowledge.

I know he could always add me on steam or something.

I know he should just get skype or something.

I know I've been ninja'd again >.>

I know they just ninja'd someone else, so it was deserved.

@xmbts: If only I had any idea what the name was.

I know xmbts' Steam name is on her profile page, and he obviously didn't check carefully!

I know this information is easily accessible from my profile. :p

I know that he's in America somewhere...

I know he's only partly accurate.

I know that they have had that title for like forever.

I could change it if you want. :P

I know that you should!

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