How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that she never complains about masturbation... :p

I know *I'm* not complaining about masturbation >.>

I know that it's hard to complain about mastubation...<.<

I know right.

Hehehe "hard"

I know that I'm going to complain about all this fap talk.

I know He has an awful lot of provocative pictures for someone who doesn't like fap talk. ;p

I know she likes to look at Trouble's provocative pictures. XD

I also know I was enjoying the fap talk...

I know he double posted just so he could bring that up again *sigh*

I know that he doesn't like that he's bringing stuff up I guess.

I know that she secretly enjoys all the fap talking...<.<

I know I see them posting a bit more again.

I know that he monitors my posting...<.<

I know he'd rather have someone monitor his fapping.

Sorry. One-track mind...

I know that I wouldn;t mind someone monitoring my fapping too much... :p

I know that I would not like someone monitoring my dirty activities at all...

I know that you guys need one these.

I know that he already has one...<.<

I know that he leaves a lot of people in another thread.

I know that it's mostly just shock...<.<

I know he posts a lot in THIS THREAD!

I know his taco is missing.

I know that they have like a busy Sunday or whatever.

I know they don't.

I know he's wrong, I'm sure Shock will be super busy watching the Super Bowl and stuff.

I know you know that I know what he knows which she knows about you.

I know that cowboys.

I know bunnies.

I know Gorillaz

I know I almost watched Black Rock Shooter because of you, but then I didn't.

I know that Minish Cap.

I know she has some really weird pictures >.>

I know that mornings are terrible. Just the worst.

I know you're correct.

I know you like I know the back of my hand.

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