How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that he wants to get in on the fun ruining.

I know that she's the master at it...

i know what he says he looks like! I also know he didn't get shock to post in that thread.

I have no idea what he's talking about...<.>

I know that he just phrased it reall strangely, but I think he meant to say that he knows what you look like, and that you failed to get Shock to post on the picture thread.

I know that he wants to give me a real taco

I know that I'd cook it for you myself if you didn't live so far!

I know they are a mystery to me <.<

I know he stole my glomp =(

I know he likes changing his title when I change my avatar!

I know he isn't going to join in on the fun =P

I know most people are too lazy to do it.

I know I only have so many Noodle pictures.

I know that she should start drawing her own...<.<

I know that he's suggesting people do stuff. Screw doing stuff.

I know she's lazy!

I know that he's lazier!

I know I ruin her winning streaks.

I know that streaks have been ruined by them.... winning streaks even!


Ssssssilent??? It is Snake. <.< I know he didn't recognise me there for a second...

I know that he posts WAY TOO MUCH.

*Looks at Sassafrass*


I know that he looked at Sassafrass recently

I know I don't T_T Isn't that a bit too much?!

I know he's very mistaken >.>

I know that they are correct.

I know that he used to post quite a lot more.

I know she did too.

I know that they hate floors.

I know she hates losing.

I know that no one beats shock... everyone knows to just let her win...<.<

I know time will get me to that post count, but after 5000, it doesn't matter all that much <.<

I know that my post count is rising rapidly and that I'll get there. Sometime this year.

I know post counts are a myth.

I know that we need to do stuff!

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