How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that PCs hate them.

I know that it helps for this game when you know absolutely nothing about the person :P

Won't tell me why being a robot is bad.

I know that they should already realize why!

I know that I have no clue.

I know it's probably the lack of feelings or sensory input.

I know that those can be programmed. Just look at Data!

I know that it's not that it can;t be programmed, it's just that it's fucking tedious and not worth the time investment...<.<

I know that he's a robot now.

I know that she's a killer assassin due to my clairvoyance.

I know he probably doesn't like being slapped.

She's passive aggresive when it comes to asking about joining game plans!

I know the first 3 requests are straightforward, upon being ignored the passive aggression begins.

I know they have standards for passive aggression.

I know that he's rather unusual :P

I know that unless something has changed, they love their booze.

I know that nuking the whales is his specialty.

I know he enjoys possessing people.

I know he has a lot of Link avatars.

I know that he's "Happy". GEDDIT? x-D

I know that I don't...

I know that humor is not her strong suit.

I know they are great at lame puns.

I know I just friended him.

@TizzytheTormentor: I know that he's a cat who's friends with a hot redhead. :-P

@SomeLameStuff: I know him from the DOTA 2 usergroup.

I know he lives up to his name by pretty much just lurking in said usergroup.

I know I always get stuck behind him.

I know they should try going above the speed limit

I know he spruced up my current avatar *salutes*

I know that he disappears often.

I know that she disappears for stretches at a time...<.<

I know that their badge list shows Duke Nukem surrounding the guys from The Matrix.

Very little... *hides cia dossier*

He has a lot of clown images.

I know that she's gonna get some sleep...<.<

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