How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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The Night Angel:

Oh you stalker you... :P


Pfft, it helps in this game when you know nothing about the person >.>


Pfft, it helps in this game when you know nothing about the person >.>

Haha, my name is Colm, I'm 22, live in Ireland, study English and Spanish, and love basketball :)

And having just checked out your profile, I can tell you that I have an aunt living in your country...

I know that they are taking this game a bit too personally.

I know there is no suck thing as too personal.

I know she spelt "such" wrong.

I know autocorrect is a fussy bitch.

I know she actually expects autocorrect to do it's job right... *pffft*

I know that she blames other things for stuff she does.

I know I'm not a she >.>

I know that getting genders wrong is The silentman's thing...<.<

I know my avatar is derping and I'm getting annoyed... grrrrrrr...

I know I swear he had a different avatar a few minutes ago, one with the Black Rock shooter girl shooting a gun or something.
EDIT: OK now it's that again but when I made that post it was an EYE!

I know that was because you guys seem to be able to see my avatar, but I'm getting a "broken image" thingy >.>

I know that I got that with my Ocarina of Time Avatar[1] but I never confirmed if anyone else could see it, try asking the tech team about it?

[1] Which I was going to use before this one and then the Majora's Mask one but I skipped to this one because I like him the best anyway.

I know that...


I know that this avatar is not too pixelated.

I know they love using avatars of anime girls.

I know that they don't seem to notice the blinking white coming from that avatar.

I know that I don't notice it either.

I know he's got a thing for link.

I know she knows things about me that I don't.
I hadn't noticed that but after checking my picture folder it would seem that I do.
In my defence, he's both cute and badass >_<

I know that their avatar is not a gif.

I know that looks are deceiving with her...

I don't know what he means.

I know I don't get it either.

I know I am the third poster here who doesn't understand.

I know I wish my avatar could blast his avatar >.>

I know he wants to blast Schrodinger for some reason.

I know that wouldn't be the first time... :p

I know I don't need an excuse for blasting.

I know his blasting would be pointless.

I know that it's simply stress release...<.<

I know he understands the need for blasting.

I know now he will bear my artic blast!

I know he's a prick for that T_T

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