How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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She's a transformer?


I know that I'll post a long one too...<.<

I know I hope I get ninja'd again -_-'
Gosh!, it's already up and I still haven't finished Silenman's song T^T

I know that mine is better...<.<

I know he's arrogant!

I know that very few things are better than Pink Floyd...<.<

I know that I agree wholeheartedly.

I know I don't listen to Pink Floyd >.>

Music from back then was filtered to me by my dad, and he never listened to Pink Floyd either

I know that it was either him or Pyra that also likes Dinosaur Jr... I don;t remember who...<.<

I know I don't listen to much by those bands.

I know I don't listen to much music to begin with.

I know he should fix that.

I know that I am not broken!

I know he's in denial.

I know he is awful.

I know he's bitter about the sideburns thing.

I know I don't listen to much by those bands.

Pfft, you should totally listen to Dinosaur Jr... everyone should...<.<

I know that I miss my sideburns...<.<

I know he got a haircut recently.

I know that his powers of deduction are working quite well...

I know he likes sarcasm. >.>

I know he's changed his avatar again.

I know that was because some people were miffed that it didn't involve violence =P

I know you care when people are miffed.
Don't let them control you.

I know the second reason is that it was pixelated as hell, so I patched together a quick replacement which actually turned out better.

I know they prefer being called Lame.

I know that it burns her when a thread is on topic.

I know that he loves on topic.

I know she is wrong about that. :P

I know he's learning more about Shock.

I know that they haven't changed their title still!

I know that they have an inordinate amount of interest in seeing xmbts change titles...

I know that he is allegedly an assassin. o:

I know that they have a new avatar.
capcha: I know nothing!
That was actually what I was going to say at first.

Their username is still funny!

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