How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know he doesn't like whales much.

I know they're a bit insane in the membrane.

I know that he's insane in the brain...<.<

Troublesome Lagomorph:

pyramid head grape:
I know he stays true in the face of danger!

I know that he's a stupid bumbutt.

And that he plays lots of DOTA!

I know Dota 2 is for winners! (unless you lose)

I know he still has dat avatar! o3o

I know he still has that grape...<.<

I know he has something against grapes.

I know he has something against persimmons...<.<

I know I don't eat fruit much.

I know that he should eat more fruit!

I've seen them like twice.

I missed a page.

I've seen him a lot. He likes his guns.

How did you...?

I know that he's psychic. 0,0

I know he posts in the Escapist's Basement.

I know he plays too much New Vegas.

I know he's a pro at DOTA. Hope I could be as good as him someday. :-)

I know he needs to play every day for 4 years to get on my level XD

I know that I'm in for a long time practicing... X-D

I know that you could always use hacks <_<

I know hacks get you BANNED!

I know that will only happen if you get caught!

I know it's hard for hacks to go unnoticed in tournaments >.>

I know they're talking about something I can't be bothered to read about.

I know that it was something that only Lame cared about anyway.

I know he's being mean =(

I know he's got an avatar avatar.

I know she doesn't take part in groups much.

I know that his avatar reminds me of that scene from American Pop...<.<

I know that was an incredibly weird video...

I know that most of my videos are... but American Pop is an awesome movie and he should totally watch it...<.<

Also, this...<.<

I know I am speechless...

I know much more than he's comfortable with...

I know he totally hasn't tried to blackmail me >.> <.<

I know I'm not shocked, I'm surprised but I can't say I ever cared enough to be shocked :P

I know he should be shocked! I demand you to be shocked!

I know I have no idea what he's talking about with the groups.

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