How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that he's approved by Shock, whatever that means.

I know Shock is currently displeased with me. >.>

I know it doesn't take much to displease Shock.

I know he speaks truth.

I know everyone is making strange assumptions...

I know mine has sturdy reasoning behind it.

I don;t know why shock would be displeased with her...<.<

I know he wants Xam to tell him!

I know that she already told me...<.<

I know that he talks to people!

I know that I don't IRL...<.<

I know that makes two of us then :P

I know he's a loner with trust issues.

I know most people on the internet are loners with trust issues =P

I know he's a loner that trusts everybody.

I know he won't trust anyone ever...probably.

I know I approve of his avatar.

I know I approve of his avatar because POKEMON!

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I know that I approve of his avatar.

I know there's an awful lot of avatar talk going around.

I know I should say something about her avatar...

I know I'm pretty indifferent actually.

I know that she wasn't there before O_O

I know that he still hasn't done anything about those witches.

I know that she a wild shock has finally appeared...<.<

I know that sac would use a master ball in this situation.

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I know Sac is a ball master.

That was just terrible.

I know she isn't making good puns today.

I know I found that avatar he's using by random chance.

I know I was a bit miffed by it.

I know I have that effect on people.

I know I should probably get around to chatting a bit with them. Eventually. Possibly.


He's some guy that I don't really talk to.

I know that she enjoys my mastery of balls apparently...<.<

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