How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that he posts a lot in that gif thread.

I know she pretty much just hangs around in Forum Games.

I know that he's in the DOTA usergroup.

I know he is too (but never says anything).

I know that sometimes its a better idea to say absolutely nothing.

I know that is just boring.

I know that they hate being in the audience.

I know he prefers to be on the spotlight.

I know that he's subtle everywhere but Forum Games.

I don't know what that means, but I think he's stalking me.

I know everyone stalks someone on this site.

I know that I stalk all of you...<.<

I know I have gained new insight on Sacman.

I know he's strange...

I know that he finds Topaz's attention craving nature strange.

I know he'd probably hug Link given the chance.

I know they have a lot of people wanting to hug them.

I know he's probably basing that on nothing. >.>

I know she's starting to make me think I have a crush on Link X_X

I know that might just be true...<.<

I know that I don't, I looked at a bunch of pictures and it does not seem to be the case, he's still cute though.
Yeah I'd probably hug him >_<
No Sacman, there weren't any "hot" pictures.

I know that he obviously knows Sacman quite well :P

I know that this avatar is nice.

I know POKEMON! =D

I know that Typhlosion is pretty awesome.

I know it's not as awesome as Black Rock Shooter!

I know I agree with them about Black Rock Shooter...

I know that I remember watching the movie... and that it was pretty bleh to me...<.<

I know the OVA is meh compared to the anime =P

I know that he'll probably have a new title very soon.

I know that's up to Taco =P

I know that someone else chooses his title apparently.

I know I change when Taco changes =P

I know that's kind of odd I guess.

I know it's a sort of unspoken arrangement.

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