How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that their avatar is adorable, like the many before it.

I know that they've replaced AbyZ as being the resident Asuka person.

I know that they will be never replaced as being the resident cute-anime avatar person.

I know he's the same weight as me =P

I know we are now therefore, kindred spirits. Nice avvie by the way.

I know I've gone back to my first Black Rock Shooter avatar =P

I know I do too =P

I know I can't go back to my original avatar.

I know I could, but you'd all hate me for the commonness of it XD


Hi guys!

I know he's a common sight here these days. :)

I know this what his pub club title is!

I know he and Lucem have something going on...

I know he should totally pm Lucem712 awful puns. You all should!

I know I don't take advice from clowns.

I know that she often avoids saying goodnight...<.<

I know he is a moose.

I know he is a kiwi.

I know that I can't tell if they mean the fruit or the nationality O.o

I know that Nouw obviously meant the bird...<.<


I know that they probably mean the nationality, because I don't think Topaz would taste very nice. ouo

I know that kiwi birds are one of the most adorable birds ever.

You just haven't tried me.

I know that I'm taking that as an invitation to taste him.

I know that this thread just got a little weird.

I know the weirdness is only beginning.

I know that I like their title :P

I know I'm sure she can think of a better one.

I know that I think their title is cute!

I know their title matches their avatar...

I know that I can say the same about him.

I know pub club status is nonexistant for them =(

I know that the Escapist was being a dick when I tried to renew, and I haven't bothered since.

I know he ignored silly rabbit Troublesome Lagomorph!

I know that Topaz is a bad person and a derailer.

I know I am in agreement =P

I know that feel bro.

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