How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know I remember a time when para was a hot blooded young forum initiate, everywhere at all times.

And I know that I don't talk to night often enough.

I know I remember when Xam was a wise forum gamer.

Now she's wiser. o.o

I know I haven't seem him on the forums in a while >.>

I know that just for that comment I'm going to disappear for another week.

I know that I will hunt you down because of that statement.

I know they're willing to go great lengths to find para.

I know that silent is just a grasshopper.

Uh, huh. I'm getting there.

I know that I'm surrounded by Forum Games veterans. :-/

I know you aren't alone in that >.>

I know I fall into the same category.

I know that he's quite good at writing.

I know he took a look at my Deviantart page >.<

I know I also took a look at your Deviantart page, and I know you know that.

I know he has had that kind of avatar for ages now.

I know HE'S one to talk >.>

I know he changes his avatar fairly frequently.

@Redlin5: Actually my avatar changes based on season.
This has only been this since March 20th. The dragon stays the same though.

I know she changes with the seasons.

I know he's got a consistent theme.

I know she enjoys talking to me.

Unless she doesn't.

Because she doesn't want to hurt my feelings.


I know that I talked the them offsite, but Steam offends them and now we'll never talk ever.

Nope don't know you, sorry dude

Although if I can say one thing; your avatar has pretty big ears

I know his name and avatar are based off that one game...probably.

I played Civ with them once!

I know I haven't played anything with them before.

I know that we played Shooting Shooter Shoot 666 that one time.

I know Shock played a shooting game? No way.

I know that they saw through my clever lies.

I know that they believe their lies to be clever.....

I know that my lies are so blatant that they become clever.

I know that only one post was an actual blatant lie.

I know she's very receptive about information. o3o

Soaks it up like a sponge she does.

I know that I knew which the lie was because I was the one who told it.

I know that she's just hiding the fact that she's adorably modest.

I know his forum health makes me sad.

I know you're an Excellent Citizen.

I know that you're better at arguing with people than I am.

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