How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that I probably know about what he's referring to. >.>

I know that it seems to be one of the things I'm remembered for on this site... for better or worse...<.<

I know that it was a bad idea... and the character in his avatar may or may not have been involved at one point...<.<

Also, obligatory mention of *that* hospital scene. You know the one >_<!

I know that there's a good chance that he has reenacted that scene before too...<.<

I know that I have a rule to leave that kind of Eva stuff alone. Evangelion is sacred.

It was only once I swear >.> Forgive me Asuka!

I know that he broke his own golden rule...<.<

I know that he has no such rules when it comes to the matter. At least, I presume >.>.

I know that I do, and I've never broken it...<.<

It is *known* to me that they are fond of ellipses.

I know they're quite find of asterisks.

@Sacman: Avatar related?

I know they don't have queens in japan so I am confused.

It is *known* to me that their avatar makes me wanna do this:

I know that the above user likes forum games.

I know they just got given a hammer.

I know that's old news.

I know you're old news.

I know everyone is so OLD.

I know that you call the forum games your home.

I know they have a beautiful avatar.

I know he's a newbie in the IL :)

He's also new, but also old at the same time.

He's also new, but also old at the same time.

Does that mean I'm old kid?


OT: I know he's also an old newbie seeing as how we joined so close in date XD

I know that the world didn't end last year.

I know Majora was too scared to face Fierce Clown Mask Link, so she gave up XD

I know he's not too fond of clowns.

I know that clown mask needs to burn in a fire.

But the ladies dig it! Look at this chick. Her legs just went all jelly on me!

OT: I know a lot of people here aren't. Me? I like scary things XD

I know that his creepy clown avatar will haunt the dreams of many escapists.

I know his Mr. Bubbles avatar won't.

I know that his won't either.

I know hers reminds some people of something really annoying.

I know that he's a series of tubes...<.<

I know that he has many posts.

It is *known* to me that he should extinguish the light and let the Age of Dark commence!

I know his avatar makes me think of the implied facepalm.

I know he owns the dead MoS User group!

We should post there moar.

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