How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that he has some good taste in music.

I know that he's an old timer.

I know they are older than me here.

I know that I'm older by a little.

I know that all of them in here are probably older than me. :-S

I know that I don't remember seeing many 2013 members. I know that last year we had tons of people join by now.

I know that was mostly because of March Madness.

I know that this year didn't have one.

I know that it was a good idea not to have one this year.

I know that its always a horrible mess, no matter what year its held. I know that this year has been full of controversies and the main forums have been on fire with arguments and bans...

I know you're very troublesome.

Happy Escapist birthday to me :D

I know that they were gone for a while.

I know that they're always gone.

I know that I'm here...<.<

I know that [mean things]

I know that they're mean...<.<

I know they were hurt by that previous post about [mean things].

I know mods.

I know you can make people disappear, which is why I have approached you with an offer...

There's a guy who's been bugging me lately, pushing my buttons you know? Well this time it's gone too far.

I've complied information on him. Use it wisely. I know you can do it.

Even though his span as a mod was short he will surely be remembered the most bad arse mod to ever patrol the forums.

He even banned himself.

I know he will miss Topaz.

I know he will forever get him confused with Nouw, just like me...<.<

I know I am outraged by this revelation D:<

I know we should do something!

I know you should go rob a bank! The news story will be interesting.

I know Clown Samus bothers me.

I know she thinks my clown avatar is creepy.

Mission accomplished. XD

I know the power suit one is somewhat more acceptable.

I know she probably won't be fond of my halloween avatar >:)

I know I am now looking forward to said avatar.

I know I haven't talked to him in ages.

I know I talked to him just the other day!

I know how their voice sounds from the Communicast.

I know they used to have clowns as well.

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