How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know everyone wants to act out Game of Thrones in their free time apparently.

I know I don't...

I know (by which I mean suspect) that he hasn't watched game of thrones.

I know I have watched Game of Thrones.

I know she may or may not enjoy Game of Thrones.

I know we share a beard badge.

I know she shouldn't have to go to jail for a crime someone else noticed.

I know that I don't know what you're talking about.

I know that if I said: "Bob Loblaw's Law Blog. You sir, are a mouthful!", it might make a little more sense.

I know that I now know.
I also now know that the user above appreciates Arrested Development.

I know she made one of those photo threads that I used to my memorize my target's faces

I know you're disappointed with my lack of participation in certain user groups.

I know that's true!

We're short on Cat Dragons! Affirmative action and all that! XD

plus you're fun to talk to :p

I know you can never have enough cat dragons.
The murder potential of a cat dragon is amazing, surpassing both that of a dragon and a cat

I know they're talking about murder or something.

I know you read the fine print.

I know she writes fine print.

I know she's the fiiiiine print.

I know almost anything can be turned into an innuendo.

I know everything can be turned into innuendo.

You just have to put more effort into it and exert yourself.

I know he started a group about this sub forum.

I know that I can't think of anything right now which doesn't sound condescending or curt in response.

I know that he's threatening me with physical harm if I don't return the ladder.

I know they should return the ladder. If they know what's good for them

I know that he's Para's henchman!

I know they don't have any henchman.

I know she doesn't need henchmen.

I know that she prefers to have henchman...

I know that he changed his title again to...something.

I know that its a super obscure late 90s alternative band reference...<.<

I know that's not surprising.

I know that he's going down like a ripped up kite.
I can make obscure 90's band references too.
I know that I was ninja'd.

I know that he knows his 90s bands...<.<

I know those two are all about the 90's.

I know that she mostly likely feels indifferent about the 90s...<.<

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