How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know they probably spend a lot of time in groups.

I know they came here one month too late.

I know because of their avy I keep thinking they are someone else.

I know that avvies can be very deceptive things >.>.

I know Shock was thinking of Aby z.

I knew that too <.<.

I also know there's a user called Asuka Langley.

I know I'm not sure if they posted in here before the change.

I know that she volunteers for things...<.<

I know that he probably doesn't.

I know that ain;t no one got time for that...<.<

I know that he gets to hear how terribly random the weather was.

I know that she gets to hear about what I'm having for dinner... :p

I know I am now hungry.

I know I'm about to have a very expensive and fancy dinner.

It is *known* to me that I'll end up eating corn flakes because I'm too bored to cook.

I know I should hear that too.

Pan fried tilapia, lightly salted, peppered and seasoned with lemon zest... over rice...<.<

I know that he goes against the grain...

I know that it was quite nice... <.<

I know I can't cook either.

I know I can prepare basic burnt food.

I know I've burnt hard boiled eggs before.

I know I can cook basic meals, but am usually too lazy to do so.

I know there's nothing like hunger pains to teach you how to cook.

I know her glomps are of the highest quality and spread joy to whoever falls victim receives them.

I know he's on fire.

I know I'M the one on fire!

I know hes probably not on fire.

I know I can probably say the same about them.

I know that than she'd be wrong...<.<

I know that they may have set xmbts on fire.

I know they are a part of the Injustice League.

I know he is a tormentor

I know make me stop and see what cause my death next.

I know he always looks behind him every second or so.

I know they like choosing others way of death.

I know he was on the community spotlight.

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