How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know...<.>

I know everyone is getting ninja'd.

I know that her response is general so she can;t be ninja'd...<.<


Troublesome Lagomorph:
I know that he likes talking about lewd things a lot.

I know he's not the only one >.>


I know that I don't. Unless it was a dream I had. In which case I'm just recounting it without details cause its awkward.

OT: I know that I can't be ninja'd ever ever.

I know that once I post I assume there will be at least 2 ninjas.

I know that there was only 1 that time...<.<

I know that the ninjas aren't too bad today.

I know that they're more of a problem when they're actually assassinating people for money...<.<

I know that I'm next!
capcha: here's johnny

I know that he's next but not last...<.<

I know that I'm going to be slain.

I know that I'm already accepting of this...<.<

I know that I won't be missed for long.

I know that I'm hoping not to be missed at all... and preferably, not even noticed...<.<

I know that I want that too.

I know they're humble or something.

I know that they're always approved ;D

I know that I'm approved every so often. I think.

I know that shock should mint some stickers of approval... to show which of you are truly worthy...<.<

I know that I think that I may not get one. >.>

I'm sure that I won;t...

I know they want stickers for some reason.

I know that stickers are fun.

I know that we could ask one of the mods to make it into a badge, it'd be awesome... :p

I know I don't even know what you guys are talking about anymore.

I know that she should give us stickers anyway... they can have your face on it and everything... <.<

I know that he has a weird thing for stickers apparently.

I know that it's more of a thing for you... :p

I know that he'll probably cycle to a new title within the next few days.

I know that I'm taking suggestions, for my next one... :p

I know he should ask Hail then.

I know that I don;t know hail well enough to trust his opinion...<.<

I know he trusts no one.

I know that he does things.

I know that we all do.

In private.

In the dark of the night.

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