How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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Your name is so eye-catching, that's it's almost impossible to not notice you. So yeah, i've seen you 'round these parts before. but I never really replied to things you said or participated in any forum games with you.

I've seen your type round here


I've created your type 'round here. (Corprate Man for the win!)

Heh. He got me into an Rp, which I sucked at. We're current;y trading PMs

You're that pimp I keep running into on these forum games

I rated this guys avatar, I also rescued him from a tiger back in Vegas.

You seem like a cool far

I only know him well enough to make fun of his name by calling him "Wad08."

I've never seen you here before. Ever.

Nice avatar though.

Oh! I've met you a few times on 'Don't I know you...", You seem pretty cool!

Seen you around in the "Don't I know you from somewhere?" thread, but never actually talked to you.

Don't know you, but I'm digging the Evangelion avatar Daddy-o. :P

Wow, I only just realised his avatar was from Evangelion...

It appears we keep running into each other.

You seem like a nice person. They're rare on the internet, you know. :)


I know that he tastes of rootbeer and bacon, and has a habit of playing the accordion in the nude on the weekends.

How did you--?

I know that he's a compulsive liar. :D

I now know that you tend to have some ninja compulsions like the rest of us. Also, you're very flattering.

I've seen you around, in one of Sparrow's RPs I think, but I've never really talked with you. Ah well. I'm sure you're a cool guy.

I know that you've discovered my true ninja motives, and that I keep running into you here. =]

Fuck's sake, there's no post for 15 minutes, but when I post I get ninja'd. xD

I know you were waiting for me to post so you could ninja me.

Also, she's a girl. :)

He's two times the value of Ordinary posters

He's the clone of pimppeter1.

He has a lot of posts in the forum games

He's on fire.

At least he will be once I get this flamethrower working again.

He, er, likes chinchillas.
And santa hats.
And snow.
And long walks on the beach *ahem*

You look familiar, but I doubt I actually know you.


I recognise your name and avatar, but can't remember any of your posts.

Haven't encountered him much much :P

This guy just added me as a friend, but otherwise, no idea

I recognise your name and avatar, but can't remember any of your posts.

Wow, I'm now a recognised face (sort of) I feel so proud!

I'm in the same RP as you. You seem to have lots of RPing friends while I'm being frozen out..
I'm so lonely ;_;

Hey its that guy I'm in an RP with

He made an alliance with the guy above him... an alliance that will not save him. >:D

hope he doesn't remain frozen for to long

He thinks I'm frozen for some reason, or maybe he got ninja'd. Other than that, never met him.

It's you... Although you have changed avatar. That's confusing. Don't do that.
I don't want you sneaking up on without realizing it's you :O

Don't believe we've met

Well, I atleast recognize you, my good sir. And I recall only good things, rest assured!

Aren't you Arnold Schwarzenegger's lost chest hair?

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