How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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You look familiar, but I doubt I actually know you.


I recognise your name and avatar, but can't remember any of your posts.

Haven't encountered him much much :P

This guy just added me as a friend, but otherwise, no idea

I recognise your name and avatar, but can't remember any of your posts.

Wow, I'm now a recognised face (sort of) I feel so proud!

I'm in the same RP as you. You seem to have lots of RPing friends while I'm being frozen out..
I'm so lonely ;_;

Hey its that guy I'm in an RP with

He made an alliance with the guy above him... an alliance that will not save him. >:D

hope he doesn't remain frozen for to long

He thinks I'm frozen for some reason, or maybe he got ninja'd. Other than that, never met him.

It's you... Although you have changed avatar. That's confusing. Don't do that.
I don't want you sneaking up on without realizing it's you :O

Don't believe we've met

Well, I atleast recognize you, my good sir. And I recall only good things, rest assured!

Aren't you Arnold Schwarzenegger's lost chest hair?

Aren't you the person who found Arnold Schwarzenegger's lost chest hair?

I've seen you around DuplicateValue but I don't know you all that well.

You're that guy with the madness avatar. Yeah. That guy.

Sorry, my memory is a bit hazy, I think we've met on some random topic.

Don't you have unwavering hope?

I've heard that he is extremely sexy

I've heard that you just double-posted.

He is..... a anime fan. Not much else is known

We've spoken quite a lot on 'Don't I know you from somewhere...?'. He's cool :D

She's great, even though our RP is going kind of slow now. Maybe that just me excited for the next step

I know him well enough to know that he and I should talk more.

No idea who they are.

He is a fellow Bioshock lover, and a runs the video game creating group.

He's my long lost daughter twice removed

But don't tell him that

He has a Santa hat. And is a football fan

who are you and why are you in my kitchen

This is the first time I've ever seen you.

You're incredibly awesome, we talk on a regular basis. In fact we pretty much live in 'In my defense...'

We were traveling through to the center, when a middle struck us

Pimppeter2 again! Review writer extraordinaire!

I don't socialize on the internet a lot, but I have a feeling that if I met this person, we would not get along... in fact, I'd probably kick them in the groin a few times, if for no other reason than I've been having a bad day and need to take it out on a stranger.

Seems a bit angry, drink much?

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