How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know he doesn't have a next gen iTampon.

I know he invented the next gen iTampon.

I know she is going to patent my idea now.

I know they're all talking nonsense.

I know we tend to do that a lot... Even you :p

We wouldn't let you be here if you were full of *shudders* Logic.

I know that people have died because of that.

I know he is largely responsible for such deaths.

I don't know anything about him.

I know he keeps a my little chemistry set under his bed.

I know they are from England.

I know that they are too...


I know he schooled me in the ways of chat.

I know that he has been schooled in blurring his pictures.

I know he talks a lot about picture blurring.

I know their username is difficult to pronounce phonetically as one word.

I know that I never do that.

I know I love consonant-only names.

I know that they like camp...

I know that he's just the worst.
I know that I used to be just the worst too.

I know that apparently Shock determined that I was worse than him...<.<

I know he harasses shock all day everyday.

I know that it's far worse than she could ever imagine... unless it's shock that told her, than it's merely slightly worse...

also that we both cried over the same movie death...<.<

I know that he's TopazFusion, Sinker of necro'd threads from 2011...<.<

I know that I mostly see him active in this thread, like he lives here.

I know that the song thread has been degrading in quality and activity... so I repositioned myself here... and besides it's also one of the few threads where both Shock and Xmbts come to... so I can harass them both...

I know that everyone is connected.

I know they just can't feel the pulse of the awakening ~

I know he's on about something strange again.

I know they are onto something, but I'm not sure what.

I know the answer will come to him later, after he's forgotten about the question

I know he seems to have updated his avatar since I last looked at it. ouo

I know she seems to have a new-found love for Mirai Nikki.

More than enough to initiate the plan... More than enough...



No this isn't an attempt to get around the fact that I don't know anything in particular about them. Shutup!

They. too, have experienced the joys of H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu's tentacled affection.

I know the answer still hasn't come to him.

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