How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that I won't.

I know that she's stubborn, I dunno why I like that about her... :p

I know that his title is probably another obscure reference.

I know that she didn't read all the flavor text in Deus Ex Human Revolution, since I'm sure she didn't play the first one either... also she should change her title to something obscure that I won't get, to make it even...

I know that it should be about how much I dislike a team in his much.

I know that she gets a bit pouty when it comes to football... :p

Also, I'm sure she hates this post...

I know he scared away Barbas...and he seems to like that music thread I don't post in.

It's for your own good, trust me.

I know that he scared off Shock and Xmbts...<.<

I know they need to fix a spoiler tag :<

I know he will always be the clown and Pearl Jam guy to me.

I know they are excavating Bag End for lost artefacts. Just check their profile picture. Legit.

I know he likes Doge and that tie thing my avatar has on her neck.

I know they like anime, but that doesn't really say much about them, since I notice a lot of people on this site have enjoyed at least one anime at some point in the past.

I know he's jumping to conclusions.

I know the great sport of conclusion-hopping is fun and they should try it.

I know that he still barks even though he can talk, uses me just to rejoin his old master, likes to push me off cliffs when I'm admiring the view, and sucks in a fight.

Maybe I should have killed him for that axe.

I know dedicating themselves to suckage makes them pretty awesome.

I know they based their avatar on a hideous, malevolent abomination, which is pretty cool.

I know they like dog art. And that they're pretty active in the forum games section.

I know they like the Riddler, ergo they must like Batman.

I know his avatar is kind of hypnotic.

I know that Megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért is the true king of alliteration of the site.

I know that he should really lay down on the booze or else he might end up somewhere on Las Vegas in a bathtub with a missing kidney.


I know her/him/it from an old forum game I created. He/she/it also likes bunnies, a lot.

Alas, the name rings a bell but I do not know more than that sorry v_v

I know that we've had a similar post count for a very long time now.
And post counts don't matter to me either.

I know they are from the same country as me.

I know he likes cute things.

I know they look pretty upset aboot something.

I know I read their last post in a Canadian accent (A-boo-t)

I know he witnessed crazy shit going down in user groups.

I know he's seen some serious shit and known some crazy characters in his time.

I know they posted a lot in these past few months.

I know he likes headsprouters a little too much...

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