How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know her/him/it from an old forum game I created. He/she/it also likes bunnies, a lot.

Alas, the name rings a bell but I do not know more than that sorry v_v

I know that we've had a similar post count for a very long time now.
And post counts don't matter to me either.

I know they are from the same country as me.

I know he likes cute things.

I know they look pretty upset aboot something.

I know I read their last post in a Canadian accent (A-boo-t)

I know he witnessed crazy shit going down in user groups.

I know he's seen some serious shit and known some crazy characters in his time.

I know they posted a lot in these past few months.

I know he likes headsprouters a little too much...

I know they don't headsprout enough.

We were shipped together on some valentine thread. Kept using images from Fanpop, sadly. :<

Never seen them before, first time I've ever seen that name and avatar.

I know that I spammed B when he evolved.

But he is rather dapper now though.

I know he loves the beer song. (Who doesn't?)

I know his name... from somewhere...

I know he was here at the beginning and shall be here at the end.

Remember - Fenrir's weak spot is his underbelly!

I know he doesn't actually have a Brooklyn accent and is a disappointment to everyone everywhere because of it >:p

Why Barbas? Why?

I know he had a literal system shut-down from the Waifu thread. You seriously need to upgrade your hardware, mate.

I know that he is a ninja! X<

I know his ass got ninja'd.

Brooklyn accent? Eh?

I know that he is a meanie and likes to taunt me about getting ninja'd. ;_;

Something something darkside... Yeah I got nothin'

And yes Barbas. A Brooklyn accent. That's what the goofy dog sounds like XD

I know he thinks I don't have a Brooklyn accent.

I know he knows I think I know he doesn't have Brooklyn accent

I know he knows that Barbas knows that he knows that he doesn't have a Brooklyn accent.

Ah, but does he?

No he doesn't

I know he posts 'sponsored' threads... <.<

I know he doesn't like sponsored threads for some reason.

I know they just added me to their friends list.

I know they just joined the UN Group.

I know their avatar is hypnotizing...<<

I know they used to have a a Rick Astley album on top of their fireplace.

I know they have a waifu.

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