How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that genius is rarely appreciated in its own time!

OT: I know they are friends with Dirty Cop James funs - all 3 of them! O.O

I know they're active on the PubClub forum from time to time.

I know they like bright and vivid colours on their avatars.

I know they have the opposite.

I know they looked contented.

I know they want to become a mod.

I know they are a vigilant reporter of infractions.

I know I noticed that too.

I know they are new is and are welcome in every forum game.

Just stay out of the basement.

I know they made a poem.

I don't know much, even to this da- holy shit DAT POST COUNT!

I know my post count shocked and aroused them. :P

I know that he's aroused by the size of someone's post count...

I know they're aroused by many things <.>

I know I've never seen them before. :o

I know I could say the same thing, except I do recall saying something to them but just vaguely...
My memory doesn't seem to be as good as it used to.

I know he is forever playing a perfect Tetris run.

I know he is the new dice god of the FG group.

I know that he knows what she knows is what they know all the while knowing nothing at all.

I know what he sounds like.

I know I can say the same.

I know they look a little bit like Azura.

I know they've just received Azura's Star as a reward.

I know he just witnessed an indicant. You know which one I am talking about.

I know he lied about a puppy. He should know I'm gonna make an incident if he doesn't show me the puppy. <.<

I know he will never get the puppy! Muahahhahahaha! >:D

I know he just crossed the line...

*Kicks a puppy* I know I crossed it twice now! >:D

I know he's a bad person.

I know he is very right.

I know they appear to be in a blood rave.

I know I always post after them.

I know they are as dependable as Dependable Dan!

I know he became serious for a bit in the FG chat.

I know I'll never find out what the disk thing on fire behind the puppy picture is! DX

I know more than anyone else here. :O

Dirty Cop James funs:
I know he became serious for a bit in the FG chat.

I doubt it. Maybe. I can't recall.

OT: I know they've been a-quizzing!

OT for ninjas: I know they've been active here for an admirable length of time.

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