How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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You're a forum game person. That is all

Your That...Dude..From y'know, That place or somewhere near, that place, your name reminds me of quad bikes, i went quadbiking in 2008, i crashed into a wall, who put the fucking wall there.. So yeah, your that dude who jogs my memory, well played.

Sweet Jesus Tap dancing christ hes Canadian.

what do you canadians do to people who say Meeses when trying to say the plural form of moose?

I Import your maple surup, Tis alright.

ahh quebec, the place where the legal drinking age is just a suggestion, awwwh yeah.

I don't know this guy, except for his Cobra Commander avy, which makes him and the guy with Soundwave as his (I think his name is 'the miracle of sound'-sorry guy) as two of the most awesome ever.

I don't know you really, but I definitely remember seeing your avatar around a lot.

Its you again! The eye patch person!

Why yes, yes it is. These forum games are quite repetitive aren't they? :D

What is the thing/person in your avatar btw? Up until now I had assumed it was a blob of black ink.

Seen him around the forum games

Yup were in a RP together :D

Never seen you before

Saw him a few posts up.

Made you post the obligatory cookie a few minutes ago.

We are soon to be in a RP together

We are also soon to be in a RP together

We ARE in the same RP, and soon we will be in two RPs together.
Also, I'm stalking you



Good times ahead

Sometimes I dream about him

Like a father

Why is it always you!? I want someone else!!!1!

Why is it always you!? I want someone else!!!1!

He's a Bioshock fan.


He's a cool guy. And a scrubs fan

He's a cool guy too.
And we don't RP together.

He is a great guy for quote games

Same as the guy above.
Awesome quote games to be had with him.

He's a scrubs fan,

but has he seen Season 9?

Cookie for reference, and no, pimppeter, I have not.
England's on season 8 at the mo, I think.

Well, like pimppeter2 said, he's a Scrubs fan which is defined as awesome in my book. I have also seen you post posters for the Sasquatch Army. I would join but I have already sworn an oath to the Penguin Army. :P

He has a flying monkey problem.

Damn straight.

Anyway, I've seen him allot. Pretty funny guy from what I've seen from his posts.

I see a lot of him in the OT. I'm sorry to hear about your avatar. Accursed monkeys!

I've seen him allot in the good ol' forum games. And thank you for your sympathy. :)

All I know is that you have that flying monkey avatar.

He likes eggs

He states the obvious.

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