How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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He is someone that makes random arguments. And likes Bob Dylan

i seen him about many a moon ago

I think he had the flaming robot as his avatar once. Cool dude

He once had a commie mudkip and a commie lucario!

I can't quite reach his presents >.<

He's another one of the RP regulars.

Seen him around...

Haven't seen him around...

Seen that avatar around on more than one occasion...

Seen that avatar around on more than one occasion, but I never looked at the name...

I know that he's the god of death.So i try to piss him off as little as i can.

I'm scared by his avatar enough to not confront him.

I remember that when I first read the text on your avatar, I thought of Halo, instead of "Helo".

Seen this guy around recently, but I can see he's a regular here.

Seen you around sometimes, we haven't really spoken before though.

I know her pretty well. I married her (in the forum games).

I know who Sir is. I haven't spoken to him, but respect him for his love of Hot Fuzz. I am ambivalent as to his love of Hot Fuss.

Oh shit. Please take into account I've had four hours sleep this weekend. sorry

I'm sleeping with his wife

My wife is sleeping with him. and so many others...

Handgs out in the Forum Rp section allot!
Btw, GOAT 102/10

I have seen him around some. Not alot though

He's Joseph Stalin's secret love child.

He's the son of a pineapple and a blender.

I think he's half Dachshund.

I remember his old avatar. It creeped me out.

We talk a good bit in the anime fans group and he's quite present in forum games.

I have your facebook. Yes. It's true. I do.

I know that fact that he's nice :

Like a chicken knows a goat

Who is that anyway?

I know a few things, and have been quoted a few times.

He's a cool commi

Nope not at all...

Waffles! I know ye well. I owe you tree fiddy!

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