How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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He as a Darth Vader avatar. I wonder if his hair is worth the title though...

You the guy that most people know by your strange name and avi. (i forget. Who is that guy again?)

That's alright. I have no idea who you are mister anonymous stranger from another place or time with "something" as an avatar and "something" as a name.

He is another person with a badass avy

I think he's sleeping with my wife!

I think my wife is sleeping with him!

I think my wife is sleeping with his wife!

I think my dog is sleeping with himhis dog.

I think he's going to be sleeping with the fishes.

I think he's going to be flying with the elephants.

I know that he'll be capturing Princess Leia.

Always known you and your various avatars and funny posts.

It's Pm0n3y! I have indeed known him since my first days here, and I see him in the forum games all the time. The man made a demotivational out of himself, which is just awesome in ways that words cannot adequately describe.

He also smells of lavender and rosebud.

I see him a lot on forum games.

Same reason

Well, guess you're my brother aswell.

Sanguine, My brother?

I know that he's my sworn enemy!

Your blood shall flow for the glory of Mephala! For the Morag Tong!

Ah, you were late for work again Chinchilla!

She's the Ice Queen that I conversate with frequently and is also a major participant in my only RP!

I also "Deliver my Goods" to her daily. *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge* (except on Sundays)

Ah, faithful minion. A close friend of mine on here, who i rarely don't speak to...also he's been late with deliveries lately.

Oh! Uh...hey, boss. I'm just uh, you know doing...stuff...


HE just flee'd.

He probably played the russian in Red Alert.

He is someone that makes random arguments. And likes Bob Dylan

i seen him about many a moon ago

I think he had the flaming robot as his avatar once. Cool dude

He once had a commie mudkip and a commie lucario!

I can't quite reach his presents >.<

He's another one of the RP regulars.

Seen him around...

Haven't seen him around...

Seen that avatar around on more than one occasion...

Seen that avatar around on more than one occasion, but I never looked at the name...

I know that he's the god of death.So i try to piss him off as little as i can.

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