I left you because......

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ANother time-passer game...You left the previous poster above you and you state the reason as to why anything goes so whoever is first to post here

Why did you leave me?

Become I'm not gay

Why did you leave me?

You made crude remarks on my choice of hats

Why did you leave me?

Because I didn't know you were a man named Sheila.

Why did you leave me?

I hate orange.

Why did you leave me?

Because your wife found out.

Why did you leave me?

Because you stole my wife.

Why did you leave me?

The government would not let love cross the boundaries of species.

Why did you leave me?

Because, you're too fake.

Why leave me?

You look like you're six.

Why did you leave me?

Interspeices erotica is illegal.

Why would you leave me.

Because well....................................our relationship was the product of a bottle of vodka and a night in vegas

Why did you leave me?.......................why?...............WHY?..................................WHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!

Because you won't stop firing that bloody gun!!

Why did you leave me?

Our species were as war

Why'd ya leave me?

You wouldn't stop when I used the safeword.

Why oh why did you leave this guy?

The swelling was getting to me.....

Why you go away?

You went postal.

Was there any particular reason you choose to not be with me any longer?

No, I just prefer sheep.

Why'd ja leave me willis?

You crapped on the rug. Every morning.

You no here. For why?

doop doop doop doop doop

Because I got tired of cleaning up your drool all the time!

Why'd ya leave me baby? /singing

I'm your sister!

What makes you distance yourself from me?

Although our love was strong and hard, my papa told me "no, son, it's just not right"

what drove you to the other side of the road??

My car! And your chronic halitosis...

Why'd you run out on ma baby?


Why'd you leave me?

Everytime I look at you I get nauseated

Why you disappear so?

Your unwillingness to time travel, I had to disappear to live my life.

Where'd you go, I miss you so?

I just didn't have time for you.

Where art thou, my lost love?

I left to be with someone who smoked a little less, I could not sit by and watch you destroy yourself.

Why did you leave me?

The sex was too rough.

you leave me, why did?

The pipe is glued in your mouth.


You put an Egyptian curse on me.

Why'd you leave me?

GODAMNIT VIVIE, why do you think?!


For goodness sake, you were stalking me!

Why oh why did you have to go?!

Because Xi tried to put his wooly sweater/jumper in the wardrobe...


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