I left you because......

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Because you can't tell if I'm a man or a woman, and frankly I'm losing track myself!

Why? Why did you leave me? WHY?

Because you stole my man thong......I want it back (Only reason I didn't know your gender was 'cause I didn't look at your profile but since that's cleared up we should get back together.)

Why did you leave me? :'''''''(

Because I want to do more then curb stomp babies! I want to curb stomp puppies and dolphins too!

So, what particular reason did you choose to leave me for?

That holly is sharp! My neck will never heal...

Why goddamnit?!

Well the searing fire I could deal with, and even the funky cloak, but your dang glowing red eyes kept me up all night!

I have to ask......why?

You gave my mother a heart attack with the sheer apathy in your stare, I told you to stop but you were too busy pretending I didn't exist because of what I said in the car. I was just hoping for once you might actually ask for directions instead of just getting us lost, again.

Why dear god did you leave me? Why? WWHHYYYYY!?

I forgot my wallet at home, and I had to pay that gas attendant with something...

Por que?

I was bored....


You got Barney pregnant and I just couldn't handle that.

Pray tell?

You kept punching people in the arm too hard.


You got fat.


You didn't put out!

Come back!

No, I don't like monkeys throwing poo in the house.

Why did you leave?

You didn't wear my gimp suit, what the hell man? I did that thing for you, you know what I'm talking about.

Please, please don't leave me.

You were threatening to eat me if you saw me again! I mean, make up your fucking mind!


You couldn't remember I don't like sugar in my tea.

Why o' why?

Because making love to a tin can isn't sex, it's Masturbating.


YOu kept calling me foreign even though i had showed you several times i live HERE

Why i did everything you had asked of me

You were so snooty I couldn't take it

Why did you do it?

You kept guarding the bathroom saying "none shall pass" and i got tired of constantly pissing my pants

*wakes up* hey wait why did you chain me to the chair..what why do you have the chainsaw

Because we're making a Gears of War live action film.

Why did you go?

You sponsored too many films made by Uwe Boll *shudders* i despise that man

No no NOOOOO! You've gone

I was only taking a shower. It takes an hour to take off this armor you know.

Why did you do it?

I was really fucking bored and it seemed like a good idea to leave you in a place that you could not easily escape from while I stole your stuff.

Why did you leave me?

We didn't fight enough! It got so boring!

Why did you leave that rude note on the door and never show up again?

Because you kept lighting my dog on fire and killing all the kittens in the neighborhood!

How come you left me here by myself?

Because you wouldn't wear a mask.
Why did you leave me?!!!!!!??!!?

You kept smiling in a really weird way while I was sleeping, and refused to get weirded out.
I need that in a partner.

WHY would you leave me? After all I've done for you?

You keep nuking the whales...that's my job

I look around to see you are not there and i wonder what i did

You put sand in my coffee every morning for three years, then kicked my dog into a blender.

Why have you forsaken me?

Because our love was too strong and I promised myself I wouldn't get carried away!

Why have we parted?

You tried to throw crap at me.
I can only let you try that once.

Why did you leave me and take the coffee maker?

What you do to whales is evil! And we haven't talked in forever ( and that's just not healthy for a relationship.)

You are a very bipolar monkey who will not stop stepping on my stash of infants, and your breath is horrendous at all times. I also stole the TV and computer.

Why would you abandon me in my time of need?

You wouldn't stop putting stains on my carpet and you constantly woke the neighbors. I received a long list of complaints from almost thirty different people and almost got evicted twice.

Why did you go?

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