I left you because......

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Because you're just static.

Because I'm just not well written enough...<.<

Because you're not ready for Christmas.

Because I don't really have much to get ready for Christmas...<.<

I left you because I have no tits for you to be agile with...

Because he wishes that he did...<.<

Because he's an escaped convict.

For being the one who steals hearts... for sacrifice to the sun god, obviously...

Because you're the scourge of the wasteland.

For hurting my feelings... D:

Because they are hurt easily.

Because she should already know that I'm sensitive... ;~;

Because you aren't.

Because I totally am... just never get the chance to talk about my feelings...<.<

Because he is afraid of the dark.

You never talk anymore.
You just stare off into the empty void.

Because I'm in the void, staring back at Shock.

Because you only have eyes for shock...

Your a cat...

Because I'm really looking for G.lvingname.

Because you aren't posting in my Picture/comment thread. :(

I left you because you're in Limbo and can't get out!

I like it when my tacos don't have weapons on them...or when they have human bodies on them either...I just wanna eat a damn normal taco! >.<

Because you're all dried up!

You spend all of our money on kimonos!

You're always wanted by the law for something!

Because the Iron Sides offer me tea.

You always are yelling at me. >.<

Because you're always effing & blinding.

Because you look like you want to kill me...

Because you're happy all the time. It's creepy!

Because keep zapping me--*ZAP*


You keep making a grilled cheese sandwich!

You don't look anything like your online picture!
You've caused me to accept the truth that the internet lies!

Because I know that I'm not that pretty!

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