I left you because......

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Because I know that I'm not that pretty!

For having a name so long it prevents there being a message icon

For having a tiny name.

For giving me a headache, from laughing at that

For having a very warhammery avatar.

Because I'm allergic to Witches!

You constantly challenge me to sword fights!
I need to sleep sometimes you know!

Because you sleep so gosh-darn much!
I need affection, you know!

Because you require way too much affection, of which I'm afraid I have none.

Because you are too expressionless!

Because you've been making that sandwich for ever!

Because your forum title is boring!

Because I am still considering renewing my subscription!

For having the same WoW race as I do!

There can only be one...

For implying that my ass did, infact, look fat in those jeans...<.<

For not being in the same plane of existence!

For being on someone's shoulder?

For getting a tattoo!

Because the Queen has called on me to lead an expedition to the South pole in search of the lost skull of Kul Patut.

Because you ended up getting tossed into the garbage when you stopped working!

Because I have no interest in the new Pokemon games!

Because you're not really a taco.

Because you're not really a girl with long pink hair

Because you invaded my porn privacy!

Because you had no porn to speak of.

Because you friendzoned me!

Because you wanted more!

Because I'm secretly straight.

Because you kept staring at me

Because you wouldn't look me in the eyes.

Because you were holding a pencil menacingly

Because you made fun of my pencil, look at my pencil, my pencil.

because you wouldn't share your pencil

I don't even know how we got together!
All you do is beg me for money and never pay it back!


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