I left you because......

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You were too overzealous about your sharing your pencil. Having an pencil through my arm isn't fun.

Because you're having an affair with Mr. Collins!

Because you keep smashing everyone with that axe.

You never showed me your right eye.

For eyeing ShockValue

For not sharing his delicious hat-soup

For wanting to eat hat-soup

Because I'm not into necrophilia.

Because The queen has ordered me to restore peace to the Congo.

I surely will not come back.

Good bye.

Because there's no Queen in Australia you lying monster *Runs away crying*

The truth is that I'm just an inanimate object.

Once you go PC, you never go back

because I too, am an inanimate object... with BEWBS!

DAMMIT you always bring that up, I want collins back *sob*

Because you're clearly still in love with Mr. Collins, I don't want to waste time in a relationship that's clearly going nowhere *sob*

Because this love triangle is just never going to work.

Because you're only superior half of the time or something.

Because I want to be a free Frenchman!

Because you'll just bring years of war and destruction upon your fellow Mexican food people!

Because you're blasting off again.

For always being mean to me...<.<

Because you changed your title and I didn't notice.

For never not noticing anything I do! ;~;

Because it's all your fault obviously.

Because it's always my fault... ;~;

Because it really is.

For thinking I'm not superior.

For not proving it :P

For refusing my implied challenge to a duel.

For not accepting mine.

For burning my Valentine in front of my face.
That's actually happened to me once

For killing that poor girl's puppy I can think of no other reason for a response that heartless
If not then for making me lose my faith in women.
Note: Holy hell dude, that is both insane and crushingly mean. Harsh.

Because I've never gotten a valentine before...<.<

For expecting me to care!

Because I don;t expect anyone to care...<.<

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