I left you because......

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I thought I was a furry, turns out I'm really not.

Because my hat doesn't like your hat, he keeps nagging me about it.

Because you're back to being Link.

For having an anime theme... o3o

FoR DeSCriBing etERniTY tO Me anD MAkIng me cRAzy

Because the Queen has charged me with finding the lost treasure of Monty Sheltzer; A rich and also insane German mass murder.

Because he keeps using the Queen as an excuse, I don't know if you've noticed but there's no Queen in Hyrule, only King and Princess.

For assuming everyone lives in Hyrule, there are other lands.

Because you're a time traveler.

Because you're a space traveler...<.<

Because you hate Sundays.

For hating this particular sunday...<.<

Because you're very wrong about that.

For wanting to destroy the San Francisco 49ers!

For letting his avatar get deleted.

For not wanting to destroy the San Francisco 49ers!
I'm getting 80$ if they lose so be against them!

For being a filthy disgusting ninja.

For their racism against ninjas...<.<

Because you painted yourself green.

For not liking Sacman's new green living methods.

For leaving Shock...

For never truly leaving anyone.

For zapping people.

For never truly leaving anyone.

Because I don;t know hwo he knows that...<.<

OT: For thinking zapping is fun...

Because you have an evil twin.

Because the queen has made search out the great lost continent of Old Germany.

Because I'm not sure what you're talking about >.>

For being afraid of clowns... o3o

Because you hate giant robots.

Because I love giant robots, how dare you!

Because you love them too much.

For making love to them too much... :p

Because he just can't stop himself!

Because he wouldn't let me eat his planet.

Becausse he keeps nagging me "Feed me your planet, I'm hungry" geeze what about my needs?!

Because he never speaks and he must!

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