I left you because......

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Daleks can't feel love I think...

Because your hat wouldn't shut up.

Because you don't like my hat and he's my best pal!Even though he calls me an idiot all the time...

For talking to your hat.

Because my hat's a parrot and you expect me to not talk to him!

For not getting rid of these Beiber ads that I'm seeing everywhere! >.<
Make them go away, I didn't hit the red button this time.

Because I can't know of this ad problem.

Because he's always surprised. Always.

Because they have been here longer than me.

Because that can be said about a lot of people.

For calling me old...

For being old : P
Wait I'm older... ... ...
Uh, for not being old enough?

Your hat was fucking annoying!
Seriously, why did you bring him to bed?

For enjoying the company of hats...

For not enjoying the company of me...

For not appreciating my company.

For never letting me have his company!

Because you never stop.

Because I thought endurance was a good thing...

Because his avatar is a gif.

Because theirs isn't.

Because theirs is an unmoving gif.

because he's had that avatar for ever.

For embracing change :(

For trying to embrace anyone other than me...

Because you tried to drop a piano on people.

Because I only did it because I saw you do it...<.<

Because you still messed up.

For distracting my aim...<.<

Because you always miss.

For having worse aim...

Because you're just worse. At everything!

Because drunk you didn't think so...

Because you fought your reflection.

For getting me confused for my reflection...<.<

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