I left you because......

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Because she needs to accept responsibility.

Because he can accept it all for me.

For implying that I like to accept things!

For implying you don't accept things after chastizing someone else to accept something!

For pointing out Scde2's hypocrisy!

Because I am above hypocrisy

Because you believe you're above hypocrisy, which is in fact hypocritical!

... Somehow.

For not thinking things through...<.<

I'll never leave him...

For not giving me space...<.<

I'll find him...

You were too preoccupied stalking Sacman!

Because you were helping him stalk him.

For always pointing out the flaws.

Because you kept hitting people with your umbrella.

Because they deserved it and you were jealous.

for stalking me while being invisible

For not sharing his helmet soup >: (

Because the queen has run out of things for me to do and I have realized that all I ever wanted is to become a hermit in Nepal.

For not letting me drive.

Because she seems to be infatuated with herself.

Because you're still obsessed with saving Zelda!

Because you never stop dancing! (or perhaps its hopping?)

For thinking your invisibility keeps us from noticing the sneers you send our way.

For hiding in silhouettes all the time!

Because you are No One

Because you are a nobody.

Because you are always drunk.

Because if I was I would be now. AND I'M NOT SO YOU'RE WRONG MISTER EMOPANTS.

Because that's what a drunkard would say!

Because thats what a sober person might say!

For denying that you have a drinking problem...<.<

For thinking it is a problem!

For not throwing him out a window, do it.

For pressuring me into doing things, reguardless of my intentions!

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