I left you because......

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For not wanting to talk today...

You forgot my birthday again!

Because I forget my birthday most of the time...

Because he refuses to wear the bear suit.

Because bears are terrible.

Because you don't see the greatness of bears!
but rinos are better

Because I just don't want to have to punch more bears >.>
Rhinos are cool, I guess :P

Why didn't you wear the fancy dress I got you!?
It was expensive.

You refuse to understand that I don't want to wear fancy dress all the time.

Because you don't want to dress like a pirate! That's the best part!

I left you as that lack of a head makes me uncomfortable...

Because you're a friggin' shadow!

Because you dance too damn much... So dizzy... Also...

I'M NOT A SHADOW, I AM- Wait, nevermind. :-P

Because I'm still not sure if your Alphonse or Pride!

All you do is Caramelldansen!
Even when we're sleeping!

Because you're always fighting spiders.

You can't seem to stay with one avatar!
I can't always keep track of them.

Because you have a problem with avy changing.

For having a problem with my problem with avy changing...<.<

Because you always use ellipses.

It's all to do with the low content!

Because you never fixed that window.

Low content is the best, how dare you demand complex things?
I left you because you are too entitled.

I left you because you are too slow and keep getting ninja'd!

Because you still haven't done that little quest of yours.

Because I'm not sure whether you're a contract killer with weird hair or one of those cosplayers at those fangled conventions.

Because you're well traveled and stuff.

For not doing much traveling at all...<.<

Because this torrid love affair just couldn't last the matter of seconds that it did.
I know you must be saddened by this news but baby we just don't click.

Someday you are going to make a wonderful life partner to someone.

Because the seats are very uncomfortable.

For making me hold all of his stuff on his quest for the triforce...<.<

Because you're complaining.

You're complaining about complaining again!

Because you just complained about me complaining about someone complaining.

Because I don't like complainers. :-P

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