I left you because......

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Because you didn't love me anyway.

Because you are no one that I know.

Because you don't like my sideburns T^T

Because you keep running in front of that witch ;_;

Because that witch took all my rupees, bombs and arrows and I want them back, but you don't understand.

But yet you got a ring out of it. So it's safe to assume you are going to marry her T_T

Because marrying a witch can't be bad is she's nice and forever young.
capcha: love life

Because you took all my hard earned rupees...

@Scede2: But I got rings out of everybody...

OT:Because you wouldn't let me brake your vases and steal your rupees!

For taking people's rings.

@Kaleion: Because he is getting married to everyone apparently ;_;

OT: No, because would be illegal.

In my heart there's always room for more
Wait, I left him because he thinks I'm a slut T^T

For having Link stare at me like that. Stahp, I'm flustered. :-/

Because Link looks cute like that.

Because Link is perhaps too cute. No one will out-cute me!

For thinking Link is cuter than me!

Because you are creepy and bearsuitless!

Because you're Nazi Hitler catboy. >.<

I know that I find this relevant... o3o

You always want to touch places you shouldn't.

For talking to Shock lately...<.<

Because Shock gets mad at me for not being social anyway.

Because I wish shock showed emotion at me...<.<

Because all your Shock are belong to me.

Because you're monopolizing Shock.

Because you made me trim my sideburns.

Because you got rid of your sideburns.... honestly, I don't think I could ever look at you again :P

Because you keep fighting weirdos.

You don't like my Afro!
It's my thing.

Because you're like a...skeleton.

Because you only date invertebrates anyway...

Because you won't show me what you're hiding beneath your eyepatch.

Because of things!

Because you re very very young... How did we end up together?!?!?!?!? :(

Because you made me be the flag bearer!

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