I left you because......

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Because I had to go on a quest to earn that love!

Because you're crushing a fish bowl!

Because you're not.

Because you're too feminine. >.>

Because he only likes the manliest of men.

Because he's always breaking my stuff.

Because you're never around, hunting aliens like the badass you are...

Because you use that horn on your head in.... 'disturbing' ways.

Because you're not some cyborg ninja.

Because your avatars are vintage Shock.


Because you look like you have a horn on your head.

Because you are too intense!

Because... Shoot. I don't know.

Because you are way too angry all the time.

Because I'm a Sony man.

Because I'm a PC...<.<

Because you're a god-like entity.

Because you keep shooting everyone.

Because shiny snow.

Because you spew fire. :-(

Because you won't let me wear you.

Because you look silly with that thing on your face.

Because I'm really looking for a more of a talker.
And Navi is really annoying.

You seem to be dead... Though I suppose Lain can fix that...<.<

Because I only got like 2 hours of sleep...

Because you don't sleep enough.

Because I blame you.

Because you look too sad.

Because you look too mad.

Because you were always there just for the shock value.

I wonder how many times someone said that joke

You have no flesh.

I don't know which one is you!

Because the queen has tasked me with heading down the shops to pick up some bread and milk.

Because she's always making you do stuff >.>

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