I left you because......

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I've never seen the movie that your avatar is from...<.<

For the queen has tasked me with travelling to Sydney this Saturday to see a band.

That band Dinosaur Jr.

I'm prejudiced: I don't date skinnless, jawless men.

For not liking Dinosaur Jr!!!



You're always cranky no matter what! D:

Because you want to exterminate me!

Because you keep disappearing and reappearing LIKE A NINJA! AND I LIKE NINJAS!

Because you left someone you liked.

Because you assume things. :-<

Because you left Redlin. No one leaves Redlin!!!

Stop assuming. I never explicitly said that. :-P

For trying to stick with me after going away once!

For not accepting his return to you!

For accepting his return despite never being with him.

Why those ears? They look nice, but I'm concerned about myself...

For never telling me why you were so mad :/

Because the queen has asked me to research the mysterious east and bring back the spices of life.

Because honey, you got real ugly.

Because you clearly wanted to break up with me, but didn't know how, so you resorted to insulting me to get me to break up with you instead... (not taken from today's SMBC at all >.> )

Because I don't go for men.

Because I am sworn to a life of celibacy, and your insistant need to fulfill your carnal desires was wearing me down.

Because you have more posts than me.

Because you have less than 100 posts.

Because you wouldn't comb your hair. Seriously, it got annoying real fast >_>.

Troublesome Lagomorph:
Because you have less than 100 posts.

Over 100 now. Take me back? :D

OT: Because it is Easter and that means it is time for change.

Because it is Easter and that means it is time for change, again.

Because you grew up. D-':

Because I have no idea what you are.


Where's da Pokemon? :-<

I left you because you're always mad at me. :(

I left you because I had to go to work.

I left you because I dislike the Twilicorn.

I left you because I never knew you!

I left you because you never stop spinning!

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