I left you because......

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I left you because...*sigh* because you're not crazy enough!

I left you because you were too small.

Because when my allergies kicked in you thought I was trying to play "charades".

Because your obsessive love of charades caused that misunderstanding.

You never take off that outfit, it must reek by now!

Because I was feeling bad about myself and needed to punch something.

Because you tried to hurt me cause you were hurting!

'Cause you were the one that made me hurt!

Because you laughed, you laughed, when I first spoke that loosing you would make me flip my lid.

Because you left me first?

Because we all left each other first?

Because you're confusing me.

Because I feel as if we are confusing each other by confusing other people.

Because you made me need to sprout a new head just to comprehend you.

Because you're not satisfied with a single head.

Because I always end up getting back with you somehow.

Because I'm not into foursomes. -.-

I left because you're just a cranky suit of armor! D:

Because you're a murderous robot!

Because you keep leaving flowers around when you know I'm allergic to pretty!

Because I was out of beer and was at the point where drink driving seemed like a good idea........So did trying to beat that train across the tracks.

Erm.. as in, you left me tied up on the tracks?! How inconsiderate! I'm leaving you!

Because you found my way of making our relationship interesting inconsiderate. I really cared, you know!

Because you kept doing the Gendo pose. Look, you're doing it now!

Because I'm not that into ponies.

For posting in too many forum games at once.

Because our horoscopes didn't match.

For using horoscopes to determine your relationships.

..because you have >5,000 posts, no warnings but no Neo badge. Just not good enough.

Because you have >1,000 posts, no warnings and a Morpheus badge. Too much of a goody two-shoes for me.

For not respecting authority.

For not being a bad enough dude to save the president!

For having a massive post count.
When I left you we were pretty much near even in terms of our post count!

For having such a small post count. High post count elitism ahoy!

Because they have a lacking post count compared to me!

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