I left you because......

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Jed, I had to leave. Your mood-swings, although cute, were random and violent, plus you never took your mask off...

Why...Why did you leave?

You don't like my mask, so maybe I'll marry it instead!


You know why! You tried to make me sleep in the doghouse!

Why did you leave me~?

You had to take your bag off for the wedding kiss.

Whyeth dideth thee leaveth me?

You cheated on me with a goat!

Why, oh, why did you leave?

I didn't try!!!!! that nail clipper incident in 1976!!!! it was unavoidable!!!

why did you leave me?
baby come back!

But... You told me to.
Well sure I'll come back.

Why did you run so far away?

you don't understand!! I had to run all night and day!!

Why? why did you leave me
and I rAAAaaAAan I ran so far away!!!!

You died! What was i supposed to do!?

Why do you go and leave me alone?

Because you ignored me, Dan!

Why can't your heart be mine?

Because.....................my duties to RED team...................... I could not abandon my team

Why you leave Heavy weapons Kerrick?

Because you abandoned me again!

Why'd you leave me like you did?

I had to, Satan a deal I could not refuse
I got everything I wanted but I had to leave what I wanted most

why did leave me all alone?

You always had me worried about you.

Why did you leave...?

You Swung the rolling pin at me ....alot

Why did you leave?

I just did.

Why did you give me up, why did you let me down, why did you run around and desert me?

You wouldn't get off of me!

Why did you go and leave me alone?

You kept giving me a cold shoulder even when i was already cold

Why WHY???!!!


I was not snooty enough for you
or anyone really

why did leave me to my wallowing in vodka?

You gunned down my heart and left it to die in an alley. That's why.

Why did you leave me? ♥

You kept telling me to shave my giant mustache...That's my image!!!

Why didst thou leave me and send me into a spiraling depression

your race
*continues to quote monty python*

why did you go go go go go go go go goodbye?

When you nearly shot me, again D:

Why'd you leave me for the kerrick baby D:

er...............for or with?

why did you play a Kerrick like that?

Because that mini-gun nearly loped my head off


your spelling so atrocious

why did you leave me (try to be origional)


Why did you leaveth thee?

Because I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. He just happened to be you...

Why did you run away, you could have walked?

It was meant to be for "the Kerrick, baby" I missed the comma >.>

Because you were never there! I was always second to the time traveling!

Why'd you leave me like this?

Because I have aids.

Why did you leave me?!?!

Because you have AIDS :(

Why abandon me so?

I had to save the world, you just kept pulling me back!

I'd do anything for love, so why'd you leave ?

I was human, you were an appliance. It would never work.

It puzzles me as to your absence. Explain?

I wasn't gone at all, i was hiding in your santa hat.


You kept zapping me with your crazy colored lasers and i can't handle mass panic on a daily basis unless i cause it

O i was left to wallow in a despair so hard and i must ask why?

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