I left you because......

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Because you are all hat and no man.

Please fill in the enclosed form describing your dissatisfaction with our previous arrangement.

yout bearucratic ways left a bad taste in my mouth (among other things)

why did you leave me?

because you don't love America

Why did you leave me?

because you constantly insisted that recite the pledge of aliegence to a country thaT I don't even like much less live in

and just what the hell was your excuse to go?

Don't get me wrong, I like head, but your body is.....well, kinda missing....


You never stopped smoking like you promised!

Why did you leave me to drown in my tears?

Because the dramatic tension was just to little to bare.

Why the hell did you fucking leave me?

You were way too aggressive.

Why'd you go and leave me?

Because you gave me the cold shoulder one too many times, you bastard!!

Why would you up and leave me?

Did you really expect a relationship with a thirteen year old to last?

Now why would you go and leave me?

My toolkits in IMPERIAL and you buy me METRIC SPANNERS???

what'd I do, baby?

your dancing with what I assume is a man


*sob* why *sob* would *weeze* you *sob* leave me?

You left me little choice. You were really a BLU spy.




spy for our side but I kinda thought you died when I say a pyro where you were once

why did you walk out that door?

Because, you're a mass murderer.

Why leave me?

Because my other 12 partners found out about eachother and now i've gotta lay low for a few decades

My banker wants to know why you left me...he's an angry man so i would tell him

Because you eat and drink exclusively Scotch.

Why leave me ?

You stole my toast. It just wouldn't work out.

Why did you leave me~?

Because you ninja'd me...bastard

The cops were saying i killed you, so can you tell me why you left and where you are so they wont throw me in jail?

Because you never have time for me!! Its all about your music and that damn santa hat!!

Why? Why would you leave such a pretty face?

because you seem to actually be a baby

and I can't abide having my enitre relationship to be babies

why did you leave RED team me?

You always had to be the one top always had to win

I provide and give and give provide and yet you shun me?

You always paid to much attention to you're work!


You never let me relax!

W...Why did you...?



Wait baby, I didn't mean it...where ya going?

That was the last straw! You've become so damn...normal!

...What the...? Hey, where are you going with that suitcase?

You were not adequately satifsfying.

You never went into detail! and you were a sponge- Take, take, take!

...Why'd you leave? You'll be back right...?

I'm very fickle.

Why is here not the place you want to be?


You are Yuki Nagato! I do not swing that way!

Why, oh, why, did you leave?

Because your sister is hotter


because u stiill like pokemon


I Left because you yell you're own name in bed! In fact, that's all you ever say! I can't stand being with a pokemon!

No! Don't go! I'll carry you're luggage!

I'm sorry... but I'm in love with a forum ninja.

Why would you just walk out on me like that, you... heartless fiend? Why? WHY? *cries*

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