I left you because......

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Because you stole my car, I just came to get the keys back.

Why did you take my car to run away ?

Because you broke my car and turned into a metal cube This was my payback

You sprayed me with acid, burned out my eyes then left...for what reason?

Because I sprayed you with acid and burnt out your eyes. I think that was a good reason to run away.

Why after everything I did for you, why did you leave?

Your hollow side scared me beyond belief!

Why'd you go and leave?

YOu stopped performing Vaudeville and that was good entertainment for me

Why must you break my heart and venture the other way

well when you claimed that "CHauncey" wasn't snooty enough for you I had been fed up with your contemptble driddle draddlw nad had to leave your estate

why did you parakbulate away from me?

You were simply not snooty enough for me...

Why must you hurt me so?

the back stabs in the bedroom were getting out of hand

why did you *DU le DU DU* forget about me?

I can't love someone with a bigger gun than mine.

Why ... For the love of God, WHY???

really our relationship was nothing more than 2 posts on the "if oyu woke up with the above escapists avatar" thread

why you leave me alllllllllllllllllll alooooooooooooooooooone?

You wouldn't stop telling me to make you sandviches!

Why, oh, why?




I'll tell you why!!!!!
you were careless with me feelings that's why

why do you make me a sad panda?

Because you're not a real panda jsut a man in a costume

Why ay ay ay oh Why...do you leave me

you don't think I am a real panda

what? I guess you also don't think

"Jerry the *don't look directly at the sun* worm" also is just a guy in a costume

why did oyu leave me?

Because you're too marshmallow for me, I'm sorry but I just can't handle it anymore, and I wouldn't want to risk toasting you by letting you too close to my hot body. ba dum tish

I don't belive you, why are you leaving me?

Because you couldn't stop staring at yourself in a mirror

Why must you fill me with sadness

You aren't wearing a monocle.

Before you leave me for the last time, please... tell me why you're going...
God, I should put a lid on the melodramatics... but I love doing it.

I left you because your hat sucks!

For what reason have you departed?

see I JSUT passed gas and it will get awkward really quick

wait...........................why are you going?

Cause it stinks in here.

Why did you throw all my stuff out of the window?

Think you can cheat on me? With Another Tsundere no doubt?!

Why did you get up and go?

You suddenly became a yandere.

Why did you abandon ship?

I was just getting coffe but you were gone when I came back

why did you pack your stuff and take the car
walk out the door and not come back

The voices in my head told me to.

Why did you pick this fine time to leave me, Lucille?

Your hair really isn't what it used to be and you're getting kind of doughy.

Why did you go and walk out the door why did you turn around now and make yourself not welcome anymore?

I thought you were a guy...I'm sorry.

You left me...why did you do it?

Because you are crazy.

You have disappeared. Why?

I'm invisible, and not even you can see me.

You're walking out the door for the last time, and the reason why you're leaving is running through your mind...

You always speak in lymeric form!

Why did we have to part ways?

Because your best freind filed a restraining order that won't allow me into a 100 yard radius around him. But you still hang out with him/her/them all the time.

Why won't you love me?

Cause your a deadly robot.

Why is it over?

Because you push on without looking over your shoulder to see if I need help.

Why can't we just set aside our differences like we used to?

Because you turned out to have talons. Not cool.

Why did you leave?

Oh, it's not over till the inquiry gets to the truth, my dear.

you ever be back?

Not likely, you old man.

Why won't you stand my me anymore?

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