I left you because......

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Because I have no legs.

Why won't you be my homie-kins any mo?

Because you talk like a lout.

Why won't you stay?

It's kinda like magnetism: we're both pushing each other apart.

Why do you have to go?

Your last post was too good.

Why must we go out separate ways?

your pouty stare un nerved me

why'd you go

You seemed happy enough taking that minigun on long trips to the forest, alone. (I think a few ppl went missing around that time.......)

You gone so long.....

I hate smokers.

You're leaving? Just like that? Why?

You are an eagle.

Why have you gone?

your just too adorable

why did you leave me?

Your not human enough.

Where hath though gone?

your racism pushed me over the edge

where art thou?

In my highly fortified mansion with all guard trained to shoot at you on sight because you broke my hear by stealing from me

You beat me and left me 4 dead why...i thought you loved me

You thought wrong I hold no love for a man who sees his wealth and pride over others.

Pray tell why did you leave my side, did I offend you?

You're not specific enough.

Why are you leaving? Don't you remember the good times we had together?

When we were together i was a recovering alcoholic so i don't remember half the things we did

I'm left here cry and i ask the person i thought i loved why

Because your monocle was tiny :(

Why did you leeeeave meee? :'(

You judge a man on the size of his monocle.

Why is us together not how it is anymore?

Because of engrish.

Where did it gone towards?

Because the jury told me to. :(

Why did you leave me?

Because i don't know who you are

Why was i left standing in the frozen plains of the winter land

Because I said Candle Jack

Why did we

Because you disappeared suddenly.

Why did you leave me?

the fire hurt me

also it's unnatural for something to be unable to be killed with fire
really weird

why did you go go go go go goodbye?

Because your gun hurt me. And you do some weird things with it.

By the way was it the fire burns or the carpet burns?

Why did you leave me?

I left you because I can't let a burning bird be the mother of my unborn child.

Why did you leave me?

Because you wouldn't stop honking or blarging.

Why is all i must ask?

Because you're too snooty for my tastes.Also, I left a bomb in your toilet. Hope you don't have to shit for a while.

Why did you leave me baby?

Because your solution to every problem was putting a bomb in the toilet..i'm too civilized for that


You don't like it when I wear my hood.

Tell me, why are you going? You know how I feel about you...

I really wasn't planning on leaving, but this guy gave me 8000$ for you. Sorry.

Why in the hell did you leave?

Because you talk to frogs, I don't like frogs.

Why did you leave?

You always wear that stupid orange band. Even when I ask you to take it off.

Why have you left me?

You wear an eye patch making a mockery of me and my precious monocle

You have left me again

Because you tried to kill my cat, again.

You left me a piece of mouldy toast, why?

We were out of non-moldy toast.

Why did you leave me? Baby come back! *dow now now now noww* You can blame it all on me!

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