I left you because......

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You always wear that stupid orange band. Even when I ask you to take it off.

Why have you left me?

You wear an eye patch making a mockery of me and my precious monocle

You have left me again

Because you tried to kill my cat, again.

You left me a piece of mouldy toast, why?

We were out of non-moldy toast.

Why did you leave me? Baby come back! *dow now now now noww* You can blame it all on me!

You ate the last of my english muffins and jam..THAT WAS MY BREAKFAST

Why oh why please tell me why

I wanted to make my own thread, and you stole my spork. Damn brit.

But... but... why?

I don't take kindly to insults against my nationality and kept going on an on

Why dear just why?

That armadillo shit in my shoes.

Why baby?

You hate my favourite outfit.

Why are you going? *starts crying*

You slept with the dog, what do you expect?

Why you leavin bich?

Cause your pants are angry!

Why did you go?

I needed to kill that silly animal to get my hunting medal but you just had to take my guns away

Why ist thou leaving me

You killed my pants!

Why hath thou destroyed my cds and burn the pictures of me?

Cause they were all Gary Numan CDs. And pictures of you with Gary Numan.

Why art thou leavist me?

The reason I'm leaving you is because I love you.

Why are you running away?

You beat me up for saying Dread and the Fugitive Mind is an awesome song!

Why did you go?

I had better people to do.

Why did ya leave me?

Because you kept drawing on the furniture.

Why did you leave me...?

your work distracted you too much from the relationship

why you go so far away?


Why did you go?

I left for your sister.

Why don't you love me?!

Well, your smokin' hot cousin and I... it just happened. One night, I went into the wrong tent and she was... well, I'm sure you can guess.

Why are you walking away after all I've done for you?

You have too many freaking eyes!
I know your a Seraph, not a Cherubim, but what ever.

Why did you go?

Because you've done too much.

Why must you hate me?

Because your head is a turn-off.

Why must you leave me?

Because we don't see eye to eye like we used to! Why can't we be together again? WHY?!


I can't love someone if they own a gun.

Please... take me back. I'll do anything for you...


Well, maybe not for you. I was hoping for someone like lambi89, A random person or AshPox to answer that.

Speaking of which, where is everybody? It's gotten quiet...

Because animals aren't there for that kind of fun.


You tried to eat me!

Why are you standing over there now?

Because when we weren't in egypt, we were in Antartica. I want a normal holiday!

Why did you leave?

Because your chin is larger than your face.

Why did you leave me?

Because of your skin disorder.

Why have you gone?

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