I left you because......

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Cos you won't stop throwing poop around the house

Why have you left me?

Because our love was too strong...!

Why are you gone?

Because you brandished a gun at me!

Why did you go away?

Because you did not respect the inferno

Why do you not look me into the eye.

Because you set me on fire, not to mention you got me banned from the zoo.

Why did you leave?

Because I was awake when you were having those homicidal thoughts.

Why must you go?

I'm running low on vodka, and I must keep the flame alive

Why do you turn away in the bed?

Because... because...



Why must you be so quick to slap me when I speak?

Because your offensive!

Why did you go?

Because of that incident with the tiger.

Why did you leave?

You aren't offensive enough!

Why do we no longer speak?

It feels like you no longer love me

Why don't you love me?

Because I no longer love you.

Why must we part?

You kept hitting me with your gun.

Why did you leave?

Because I am suffering from chronic amnesia and won't remember any of this.

why did you leave me?

You threw your face at me!


Why not?

Why do you always say yummy when you bite me?

Because you taste like chocolate wherever I taste you. And I left you because you taste like dark chocolate. >=(

Why are you going? Don't leave me like this!

Because you don't like dark chocolate!

Why must we end it?

Because you're a monkey!

Why did you leave?

Because you called me a monkey!

Why don't we connect like we used to?

Well there was the whole trying to kill me thing. You also slashed my tires, not cool.

Why did you leave?

Because I love you!
It's just not working out between us.

Why are you gone?

Interspecies erotica is illegal.

And you'd probably kill me

Why leave me?

Your hairstyle reminds me of RPG Cliche #13.

Why are you just walking away after all we've been through?

Well you did try to break my legs, not to mention that whole fiasco when you tried to annex Canada.

Why did you leave?

we grew apart
you just weren't there when I needed

I slept with your best friend

ect ect ect

why'd you go ahead and leave me?

You hooked up with someone else while I was in Japan.

Don't go... please...

Well you did try to create an army of zombies. That was annoying, coming and going at all hours of the night robbing graves and what not.

Why did you leave?

you insisted on my wearing a cape at all times

why did you leave me?

Because you didn't sink that submarine like I told you to!

Why did you leave?

You hate it when I put you in chains and handcuffs.

Why are you going?

Because you never took your hood off.

Why did yuo have to go?

I had to destroy some Robo-Brains.

Why did you leave?

You were way too gray and you wouldn't let me put those Christmas lights.

Why did you leave me?

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