I left you because......

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You never say why!

Why did you walk out on me like that? D:

You sued me for being alive.


You always vanish in magical ways, leaving me alone in the night!

Why baby?

Because I never say want I really mean D:


Banned because you're always in here with the matches.


You tried to sew my mouth shut.

Why would you do that?!

You tried to sow my seeds shut. Whatever that means...>.>


Because you don't exist...


Because you're a meatbag.


because I can't make a model of the Millenium Enterprise

I stop...and ask you why-ai-aii?

Because you're smothering me!

Why is it ending?

because my psychic told me you were too gullible.


Because the stars said we weren't meant for each other.

You're leaving me?

You always keep messing up my dvds and games! D:

Why are you leaving me like this?

You threw away the boxes for all my collector edition games.


You keep calling my Warhammer 40K books trash! D:

Why are you doing this baby?

They stop me playing with fire. @C

you never cut the crusts off my sammiches fo me D=

Once again, you never even ask why! D:

Why did you do it?

because I'm totally pretending to be a hipster who thinks it's too mainstream.

Because you find phallic symbolism wherever you go

You always have that evil smirk on your face! D:

Why baby?

because I need more coffee

I left you because I ate raw cookie dough...alot of cookie dough... X_X

Because, salmonella.


Because that avatar hypnotised me...

Because you're not willing to ask the important questions.


Because you erased all my Mystery Dungeon data!


I'll tell you next week.

I'll never tell ^^

because you said some very mean things about my pimp.

Because you are my pimp.


because now I'm not making enough to keep poppy happy.nobody believes I walked into a door,even though that's what *kof*really*kof* happened.
that'll learn me for subcontracting.

Because you make me look bad with your silly shoes!


if you haven't figured it out by now,I'm not telling you.humph.

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