I left you because......

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You are too fragile.

Why must we part?

You are too much of a monkey.

Why did you leave?

Because you dyed everything purple

Why did you leave me?

You had a gun coming out of your mouth. That's just weird.

Why do we have to part?

Because you didn't put the bunny back in the box.

Why did you leave?

Because robots can't love
Why did you leave me?

Because I don't like tiny kittens.

Why did you leave me?

Because I don't like people with hats
Why did you leave me?

Because kittens are evil.

Why did you have to go?

You are cold and have no heart.

Why did you go...?

Your a Monkey with a gun, do I really have to explain my reason on why I left you.

Why did you leave me, was I dishonest.

Because your always on that exercise machine


You're dead. You've been dead for six years now. I had to see other people.
I'm over your death.

Why have you gone?

the cheap suit...also im not into monkey

Chuck Norris wants to know why you left me...you should tell him or he'll kill me and eat me, not in that order

So Chuck Norris would eat you dead

We weren't made for each other.

why are you gone?

Your obsession for bananas was unbearable.

Why did you leave?

I saw what you hide under your helmet.

Why do you no longer speak to me?

It's -25 Celsius and my tongue froze to the helmet.

I put it to you: You have left. What's the reason?

You slept with my sister.in front of me, I might add

Why have you left me?

You disturbed me when I was sleeping with your sister, that's why.

Why did you go away?

Because, who wants to sleep with a man with a tin helmet on everytime they get giggy with it?

Why did you leave me after we had that memorable one night stand?

Because I'd rather sleep with a man with a tin helmet on every time we get giggy with it.


Because, that gun you have always scared me when we got giggy with it.


I like your alternate personality better, but she never shows up!

I thought we had a thing going on. Do we not?

well I'm toki wartooth geeze!
it couldn't have lasted really

why's you makes everyhtings so hards for Toki?

Because you occasionally forget to show up on my screen. It makes me think you're seeing other people, and I can't live like that.

Where are you? I know you're there, I can FEEL you here...

That's probably because I'm about to hurl a fire truck at you from across the street.



Because you never let go of that gun..ever..

Why you leave me?

you tried to commits Hamburger times

why yo leaves Toki all alone?

Because you always look angey.

Leave me, why did you?

Because quite frankly, your terrible in the sack. All you do is lie there and vibrate...

W....w.....why!? Why did you leave me!? Wasn't i everything you had hoped for!?

Well don't get me wrong, you were fine in the sack, but I needed something a little more... a little more...
I don't like you that way. I'm sorry.

Why have you left me all alone in this dark place? Can you at least untie me...?

Because no man can love only himself.

Why have you gone?

Because bestiality is wrong ;)

Why did you leave me!?

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