I left you because......

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Cause you were always suspicious of me! That I would leave you!

Because you left me enough times!

Because you wouldn't leave me!

Because you didn't include me in this argument!

For wanting to argue! ;~;

Because I never asked for this.

And because I can only think in Deus Ex references.


Yes! The bomb was the reason!


I think it was called a L.A.M! xD

Because I don't like grapes :/

Because you're all the time rubbing your nipples suductively.

Because you never took the hints.

Because you touched my boob O.O

For touching my penguin!

Because I want to be free!

Because I want to break freeČ!

For not letting me cut your head off.

For thinking this is highlander!

for thinking of this highlander

For thinking that HE IS THE ONE!

For not saying "There can be only ONE!!!!"

For thinking that I would say "There can be only ONE!!!!"...and also my toast is burned you jerk. X_X

I left you because I'm suspicious about where that thumb has been.

Because I don't get you! D:

Because you always wanted to play doorbell.

Because I'm batman! ;3

Because we have different tastes in hats D:

Because... *walks away in slow-mo*

For walking in slow motion for dramatic effect D:

For using a HypnoNinja™ avatar illegally.

For accusing me of such treachery D:<

I made this avatar myself BTW >.>

For... wha? XD

For not looking at the other page >.>

Because I did! D:

Because you can't make sense of an obvious situation D:

Because who or what is a "HypnoNinja"

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