I left you because......

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Because I hypnotize you with my ninja eyes O_O

Because you'll neve--- Yes master!

Because whenever I talk to you, you have this blank expression on your face and drool copiously. You never talk to me anymore other than saying "Must. Obey.Staika."

So it's obvious you are having an affair! how dare you!

(Also, how do you type out equations with betas and deltas, captcha?)

You don't thats the problem >.>

OT: Because you never obeyed me D:<

Because you have a problem with my anti-mind control sunglasses. It'sa prescription

Because Rush is awesome! xD

Because I hate rush D:<

Because Judas Priest will come for you!

Because I don't want him coming after me >.>

Repent! How dare you have your own opinion! How dare you think differently than me!/sarcasm X3

OT: Because you ate my CDs! D:

Because your CD's were delicious :3

Because...NNNNNNNOOOOO~~~~ D:


Because Maaaay~be?

Because I cccaaaaannnnnttttt think of anymore D:

Because you have failed me! T^T

Because you have such high standards!

Because TC will get mad! :3

Because my ever growing fan club want me to D:

Because you stole my egg timer!

Because you never look in my general direction anymore

Banned you stole my cake! D:

Because your playing the wrong game >.>

Because portal is always the right game! :3

Because portal makes me want to kill kittens!

Because that makes no sense!

Because I don't have to make sense

Because he knows everything about nothing! :3

Because knowledge isn't my strong suit!

Because has suit is pure metal! ;3

Because I can't hypnotize you as well as the others D:<

Because it's the hat I tell you! XD

I left because you're right

Because the scarf is hideous D:

Because I just realized I lost my lucky scarf IRL

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