I left you because......

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Because she won;t wear her school uniform...<.<

Because he's a tyrant.
I only had to wear a uniform in high school :/

Because her tits aren't agile enough for my tyranny...<.<
You can always redeem yourself... ;p

Because he keeps trying to confuse people by talking about birds.

Because she'd prefer it wasn;t about birds... :p
Just sayin... or maybe we could go with the nurse outfit instead... :p

Because I think he may have been drinking :/

Because she thinks I'm drunk when I want to talk about her tits... :p
Heh, you know you want to... ;p

Because he kills threads with his bird talk.

Because I wasn't talking about birds at first... :p

Because your title confuses people who aren't bird experts!

Because everything surprises you.

Because excess coffee is bad for you!

Because he spent all his time with his potatoes.

Because she is making fun of my potatoes (No one makes fun of the potatoes)

Because he's been busy tormenting those poor potatoes.

Because they are planning to rob me of my army of potatoes!

Because he plans on eating his army.

Because there's nothing wrong with eating an army, and we disagree on this.

'Cause I'm just not into world conquerers.

I'm very sorry.

He doesn't understand the joys of conquering the world.

Because they're always setting everything on fire.

Because I can't see the other side of your face with that mask in the way!

Because you hate tomatoes.

Because you keep saying that!

Because that doesn't make it any less true!

For besmirching my good name!

Because I'm not interested right now...

Because you've blinded me.

Because I lost my mask.

Because you're a time traveler.

For being me from the future... Time Paradoxes are never fun...<.<

Because all you did was be staticy.

For just being too static... :p

Because you're a cannibal.

Because I'd eat you any day... ;P

and I couldn't live with myself if I did...<.<

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